Pokémon GO Retro Cup – Best Picks & Rules

by Narendra

Here is the complete details of Pokémon GO Retro Cup – Best Picks & Rules

Pokémon GO Retro Cup: It’s time for a new GO Battle League Cup, and the Retro Cup will take its place. This cup will be available for a little over a week and the rest of June, so be ready to build a new team.

Most of the new or limited Go Battle League cups have rules that take types off the roster. Whether they are removed or made mandatory, it changes how teams are put together and what the meta is. The best part is that they still count toward your rank and XP, so they aren’t like normal party games.

Rules of the Retro Cup in Pokémon GO

Pokémon would eventually have 18 types, but the Retro Cup takes it back to the first 15. So, Steel, Fairy, and Dark types can’t be on your team because that’s what the rules say. This won’t get rid of all meta Pokémon, but it will get rid of some of the best choices, so Trainers will have to change.

The other rule makes the Retro Cup as hard as the Great League, so Pokémon can’t have a CP higher than 1,500. Great League is the lowest base league, and because the other leagues need candy, it is usually the most competitive. Little Cups will reduce CP to 500, but there aren’t as many of these.

Best picks for the Retro Cup in Pokémon GO

Due to the rules of the Retro Cup, many of the most popular players from the Great League will not be on the roster. You won’t be able to choose from things like Registeel and Azumarill. This gives Ice and Ghost-types a chance to take over the show. Here are the best moves for at least eight of the best Retro options.

  1. Walrein: Fast Powder Snow and Icicle Spear/Earthquake (Charged)
  2. Lickitung XL: Fast Lick and Body Slam/Power Whip (Charged)
  3. Shadow Claw (Fast) and Seed Bomb/Shadow Ball are two of Trevenant’s moves (Charged)
  4. Froslass means “fast powder snow” and “avalanche” or “shadow ball” (Charged)
  5. Shadow Claw (Fast) and Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse are Cofagrius’s moves (Charged)
  6. Dragon Breath (Fast) and Sky Attack/Moonblast for Altaria (Charged)
  7. Lock On (Fast) by Regirock and Stone Edge/Focus Blast by Regirock (Charged)
  8. Araquanid – Bug Bite (Fast) and Bug Buzz/Bubble Beam (Charged)
  9. It’s important to remember that any of these Pokémon with two charged moves will make a huge difference in your battles. Most of the time, they do two different kinds of damage.

But the ability to burn shields or use a nuke, depending on the situation, is even more important. In some situations, having just one move can change how you rank.