Pokemon GO Research Breakthrough August 2022

by Narendra

Pokemon GO Research Breakthrough August 2022: The reward for the Pokemon GO Research Breakthrough for the month of August 2022 has been made public.

That means that we now know which Pokemon you will face after accumulating seven stamps for successfully completing Research Tasks. This information was previously unknown.

In this guide, we are going to discuss that Pokemon in great detail so that you can, hopefully, make decisions that are based on accurate information.

Pokemon GO Research Breakthrough August 2022

Pokemon GO Research Breakthrough August 2022

The August 2022 Pokemon GO Research Breakthrough reward will be a Galarian Stunfisk encounter.

From the 1st of August to the 1st of September, if you obtain enough stamps from daily Research Tasks, you will encounter this disgusting Pokémon.

The distinction between the Galarian Stunfisk and a regular Stunfisk is glaring; you cannot possibly confuse the two. The former resembles a bear trap infected with disease.

It may sound absurd, but once you meet one, you will immediately comprehend what I mean. In addition, the Galarian Stunfisk has a metallic variant.

The distinction lies in the color of the “spots” on the surface: if the object is shiny, these marks will be yellow instead of green. Again, extremely obvious.

So, yeah, that will be the Pokemon GO Research Breakthrough reward for August 2022. Now, let’s discuss the Galarian Stunfisk in greater detail so you know what to expect.

It has the type Ground/Steel. It is vulnerable to Water, Fire, Fighting, and Ground attacks (160 percent damage), but takes less damage from Fairy, Dragon, Normal, Steel, Psychic, Flying, and Bug attacks (63 percent damage), Rock and Electric attacks (39 percent damage), and most notably Poison attacks (100 percent damage) (a pitiful 24 percent damage). Mud Shot (Ground) and Metal Claw (Steel) are among its Quick Attacks, while Earthquake (Ground), Flash Cannon (Steel), Muddy Water (Water), and Rock Slide (Rock) are among its Charged Attacks. The combination of Metal Claw and Earthquake is likely the most effective, but feel free to experiment.

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