Pokemon GO A Mystic Hero, Lapras Event 2023

by Narendra

Pokemon GO A Mystic Hero, Lapras Event 2023 In our guide to the Pokemon GO Mystic Hero Lapras Event 2023, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it. First, we’ll talk about when it will start and end, what bonuses will be available, and more. After that, we’ll get into the most interesting stuff, like Field Research Tasks, Special and Timed Research Tasks, etc. So, let’s begin!

Pokemon GO A Mystic Hero, Lapras Event 2023

Among other things, the Pokemon GO A Mystic Hero 2023 event has a Lapras with a unique item. The picture above shows what it looks like.

According to the announcement, the event will take place from Thursday, April 13 at 10 AM local time to Monday, April 17 at 8 PM local time. The event bonuses include getting double XP for evolving Pokemon, getting two Candy XL for evolving Pokemon, and getting Lure Modules that last for three hours.

The Blanche Accessory Lapras can also be shiny, by the way. But I know you care most about the different Research Tasks you can do for each event. So, let’s just start with those!

Pokemon GO A Mystic Hero Field Research Tasks

During the Pokemon GO A Mystic Hero event, the Field Research Tasks aren’t that hard. All you have to do is catch and evolve a small number of Pokemon. The rewards are worth the small amount of work you have to put in, especially since you can get Evolution Items quickly. Here is a list of things to do and what you get for doing them.

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