Pinku Pawlette In Brawl Stars : Complete Guide

by Narendra

Hey, Brawl Stars fans! Get ready, ’cause today we’re talking about something super cool in the game. It’s all about this new skin called Pinku Pawlette in Season 22.

For those who don’t know, Brawl Stars is a game loved by many, and it’s always bringing in fun stuff. This season, it’s the Pinku Pawlette that’s making waves. So, buckle up as we dive into what this skin is all about and why it’s getting so much attention in the gaming community.

What Is Pinku Pawlette In Brawl Stars?

Alright, let’s get to the heart of the matter – Pinku Pawlette in Brawl Stars. This skin is the talk of Season 22, and for good reason! Pinku Pawlette isn’t just any skin; it’s a special reward that players can earn. And the best part? It’s part of the free tier rewards. This means if you play your cards right in the game, you can snag this skin without shelling out extra bucks.

To grab this skin, first things first – you gotta have the Brawl Pass. This pass, which costs $6.99, is your golden ticket to unlocking lots of cool rewards in Brawl Stars. Your goal? Reach tier 50. That’s where Pinku Pawlette is waiting to be claimed.

But what’s so special about this Pinku Pawlette skin?

Well, it’s a game-changer for a brawler named Colette. Usually, Colette throws these black heart projectiles at her enemies. But when she’s rocking the Pinku Pawlette skin, she switches to hurling cups of hot tea! Yeah, you heard that right. It’s a quirky and effective way to attack in battles.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Colette’s super attack gets a whole new twist with the Pinku Pawlette skin. She dashes forward, causing damage and pushing enemies aside. It’s a great tactic for stirring things up on the battlefield and surprising your opponents.

In short, Pinku Pawlette in Brawl Stars is more than a fresh coat of paint. It’s a brand new style and strategy for Colette, adding an extra layer of fun to Season 22. So, if you’re game, grab that Brawl Pass, aim for tier 50, and discover the exciting world of Pinku Pawlette!

Alright, let’s dive into the exciting skills of Pinku Pawlette in Brawl Stars. This skin isn’t just about looking pretty; it packs a serious punch in the game. Pinku Pawlette, when suited up on Colette, boasts an impressive health point of 6800. That’s a lot of staying power in a battle! Plus, the attack force? A whopping 2000! This means Pinku Pawlette can really hold her own in a fight.

Now, about her main attack. Pinku Pawlette shakes things up by swapping Colette’s usual black heart projectiles for a cup of hot tea. Yeah, you throw cups of hot tea at your enemies! Each of these tea attacks deals a damage of 1480. So, if you’re good at aiming, three hits can take down an enemy with 4000 HP. Talk about a powerful brew!

But that’s not all. Pinku Pawlette also has a super attack that really changes the game. During this attack, she can thrust directly at the enemy, pushing them away. This isn’t just for show – it can lower the enemies’ health by a massive 4000 points.

There’s more to this skin than just good looks. Pinku Pawlette also has a supercharge and hypercharge mode. In normal form, she moves at a speed of 720, but in hypercharge mode, this speed ramps up to 936. And get this – in supercharge mode, her speed skyrockets to an incredible 4000! Her projectile speed also hits 4000, and each hit can reduce 25% of an enemy’s health. With an attack range of 11 meters, Pinku Pawlette can control the battlefield like no other.

Variations Of Pinku Pawlette

Pinku Pawlette isn’t just one-size-fits-all. This skin comes in two cool color variations: Kirro Pawlette, which is pink, and Midori Pawlette, which is green. While both variations share the same attacks and features, their different colors give them a unique flair. Whether you’re rocking the pink or green, you’re sure to stand out in the game.

Player Interaction: Winning and Losing Animations

Player interaction gets even better with Pinku Pawlette. Her winning and losing animations add extra fun to the game. In a win, Pinku does a cool spin and dance with her pet. But in a loss? Her pet draws a mustache and circles on her eyes with a marker. It’s these little details that make playing with Pinku Pawlette a unique experience.


In conclusion, Pinku Pawlette brings a fresh and exciting dynamic to Brawl Stars. With her powerful skills, unique variations, and fun animations, she’s definitely a skin that adds a lot of personality and strategy to the game. So, get ready to enjoy a whole new level of gameplay with Pinku Pawlette!

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