Phasmophobia Achievements Not Working : Solved

by Narendra

Phasmophobia Achievements Not Working: Enter the eerie realm of Phasmophobia, a psychological horror game that dares players to confront the supernatural. Amidst the spine-chilling experience, players are offered a set of achievements, challenging them to unravel mysteries and track their progress.

However, as of August 4, 2023, the community has been plagued by reports of achievements not working, casting a shadow of frustration. In this guide, we delve into the complexities of this issue, exploring potential causes and proposing fixes to bring relief to the Phasmophobia community.

Challenging Achievements

Phasmophobia boasts 25 base game achievements, each presenting a unique challenge. From tasks like Paranormal Detective to Ghost Whisperer and Spirit Photographer, players are immersed in a world where their skills are put to the test.

Known Issue and Developers’ Response

Acknowledging the frustration within the community, the developers have confirmed that as of the specified date, achievements in Phasmophobia are indeed not working. While they actively work towards a solution, the exact timeline for the fix remains uncertain, leaving players in suspense.

Possible Causes of Achievement Dysfunction

Understanding the potential culprits behind the malfunctioning achievements is crucial. Several factors may contribute to this issue:

Bugs and Glitches

Technical hiccups within the game can prevent the proper unlocking of achievements.

Connection Problems

Issues with internet connectivity or server disruptions may impede communication necessary for unlocking achievements.

Game Updates

Changes introduced by developers in updates might impact the functionality of achievements.

Hidden Criteria

Certain achievements may have specific, undisclosed criteria that players must meet for unlocking.

Temporary Glitches

Short-term issues within the game can affect the functionality of specific achievements.

Outdated Game Version

Using an outdated version of the game may lead to problems with achievements.

Developer Work

Achievements may be temporarily disabled or altered during ongoing developer work.

Phasmophobia Achievements Not Working : Fixes

Navigating through the challenges of malfunctioning achievements requires strategic troubleshooting:

Addressing Bugs and Glitches

  • Stay informed about official bug fix announcements from the developers.
  • Restart the game and device as a simple troubleshooting step.
  • Run the game as an administrator and verify or reinstall game files to prevent corruption.

Handling Connectivity Issues

  • Ensure a stable internet connection and restart the router.
  • Keep an eye on server status updates provided by developers.
  • Temporarily disable firewalls and antivirus software to rule out interference.

Game Updates and Changes

  • Regularly update the game to the latest version.
  • Stay informed about developer announcements regarding updates and changes.

Community Response

In response to the achievement conundrum, players have taken to platforms like the Steam Community to share their experiences and seek solutions. The community spirit prevails as players join forces to navigate through this challenging situation.


While the developers diligently work towards an official fix, players can redirect their focus to other captivating aspects of Phasmophobia, such as completing contracts and identifying ghost types. The community remains optimistic, anticipating a swift resolution to the achievement system issues that have momentarily dimmed the ghost-hunting thrill. Stay vigilant, stay courageous, and may the achievement unlock be with you!

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