Penny animal kingdom : All you need to know

by Narendra

Penny animal kingdom: The sixth and final season of “Animal Kingdom” has brought in some really interesting new characters, but Penny has been the most exciting one to watch. The character first appeared in Episode 2 of the current season, and he or she connected right away with Josh Cody (Finn Cole).

Penny, played by Stevie Lynn Jones, worked as an assistant in a law firm. Josh went there to talk to the new lawyer about the family’s finances. Penny helped him with all the paperwork, and then they went out for a few drinks.

We soon found out, though, that Penny is married and that her husband is stationed outside of the country. Even so, she goes to dinner with Josh, and when they kiss, things get out of hand. We all thought this could be a new start for Josh, since he might have finally met the right person. But it looks like the relationship is ending before it had a chance to get going.

Penny animal kingdom

In Episode 5 of the sixth season, Pope, Deran, Craig, and Josh, four members of the Cody Family, went to see the new attorney and signed papers about how the money had been split among them.

There, Penny is treated like a waitress by the lawyer, who tells her to bring water for the new clients. This hurts Penny, and Josh didn’t like the way she was being treated.

Josh is leaving the meeting when he runs into Penny smoking right outside the office. He asks her if she is okay. Penny says that her husband surprised her by coming home. He didn’t find out if she was cheating on him because she got to the house before he did.

Penny thought that she and Josh could have gone somewhere, but now that his husband is back, she doesn’t want to go any further.

She told Josh not to call her again and went back into her office after saying she didn’t want to start something. Josh looked upset about what was going on, and when Pope asked him what was going on, he didn’t say anything important.

Pope told him that their relationship could have been bad for the family because the husband might have gone to the police when he found out about it.