Solved: Paramount Plus Error Code 3002

by Narendra

Several paramount plus users have recently repoed getting an error code 3002 while streaming the movie or shows on their device. On the screen, it’s written that “OOPS! we’re having some trouble playing this video, Check internet connection or restart device error code: 3002. Is that the same case with you? If yes, then no worry here we have lined up some of the proven solutions that you can consider to solve paramount plus error code 3002.

No doubt, Paramount plus is one of the popular video streaming platforms that publish their originals and movies where users can easily watch live streaming, sports, CBS shows, and much more. But several users reported the error code 3002 while streaming.

This paramount plus error code 3002 might be happening due to slow internet connection, several issues, app blocking, or others. So no further ado let’s find out the solution.

1. Restart Device

The very first thing you can do is just restart your device whether you’re streaming paramount + on a smartphone or laptop. Most of the time, windows or mac updates might be causing problems or any third-party software or app blocking the working of paramount plus streaming. For that, firstly restart device and check if error code 3002 is solved or not.

2. Clear Cache & Data

Sometimes, due to third-party apps installed in smartphone or due to app bug the app stop working and starts acting in error code 3002. For that, here I’d recommend you to clean the app cache & data to run the paramount + perfectly. To do you have to go to settings >> Apps >> Paramount plus app >> Storage >> Clear Cache and data. That’s it.

3. Reinstall

If you still getting paramount plus error code 3002 on device then there is huge possibility that your paramount plus app has bug that is only fixed by either updating the app from play store or app store, Or you can reinstall the app for better results.

4. Remove third party apps

If you have any third-party app installed in mobile that you have doubt or unsecured then removing that is the best solution. Sometimes those apps stop the other apps to run. So uninstall that and restart device and check is your problem solved?

5. Check Internet

Did you check your internet speed? If not then right now visit to and check the speed. It should be high speed minimum 5Mb/s. These streaming apps need high-speed internet otherwise it shows the error code 3002 on the app. So check wifi internet speed.

6. Contact Paramount

If still, the error code 3002 showing on the screen then contacting the paramount plus customer support is the best possible way you can do. You can contact paramount plus by visiting their site contact us page and describe your problem to the email and send it.

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