Overwatch 2 Junker Queen Abilities: New

by Kirti Rajput

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen Abilities: Junker Queen is one of the new heroes to be introduced in Overwatch 2 when the game launches. It’s a perfect fit for the 5v5 nature of this Overwatch sequel that this tank hero has her own set of devastating abilities Overwatch 2’s Junker Queen Abilities can be found here.

In order to defeat Junker Queen, it is necessary to engage in close quarters combat. As a result of her Adrenaline Rush passive ability, most of her abilities cause bleeding damage. This gives her a lot of survivability and encourages players to be aggressive even when they’re at a low point in their health..

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen Abilities


Junker Queen’s primary weapon is a pump-action shotgun called the Scattergun. A Scattergun is a shotgun with a narrow spread that is particularly terrifying when fired at close quarters. Those who have played Roadhog or Reaper in Junkertown will recognize the shotguns in Overwatch. Unlike other damage heroes, she can’t deal as much damage directly as a tank, but she can still do damage.

Adrenaline Rush

In Junker Queen’s passive abilities, she has Adrenaline Rush, which shields her from all wound-related damage while it’s active. Many of her abilities inflict slow but steady damage on the targets they target. Passive abilities like this help her survive and attack more effectively. Junker Queen feels like a tank whose survivability is directly related to the number of enemies she inflicts damage on when fighting.

Jagged Blade

Junker Queen’s second weapon is the Jagged Blade. Her active ability, which activates when you press secondary fire, causes her to hurl the knife from her off-hand. An opponent’s injuries are worsened over time when she employs her trusty knife, which she affectionately refers to as “Gracie”. She can reactivate secondary fire and retrieve the knife with the help of her magnetic gauntlet. If you’ve been struck by Gracie, it’s best to keep an eye on your surroundings because you’re headed straight for the Queen.

Razor-Sharp Edge (Passive)

When using Quick Melee while holding the knife in her hands, Jagged Blade’s passive ability injures enemies, making her even more terrifying up close. All of these wound-application abilities benefit her life-leech passive ability, Adrenaline Rush.


The Junker Queen is swung around by a massive ax as Carnage comes to life. Her Adrenaline Rush ability is activated when she unleashes Carnage, a massive, sweeping swing that deals damage to all the enemies in her path. The healing time of a wound inflicted on an enemy will be longer. Carnage can be used to quickly clear an area and eliminate enemies with the help of allies.

Commanding Shout

With Commanding Shout, Junker Queen can increase her own survivability while also boosting the health and movement speed of allies around her, enhancing her role as a tank. Commanding Shout will give Junker Queen’s team an advantage over their opponents’ movement speed just like Lucio’s.

For the purpose of Commanding Shout, the ability to close distance was designed as a movement speed boost rather than something sneaky like short dashes or quick teleports. She brute-forces her way past her adversaries in an unrelenting display of aggression. She becomes more effective when she assumes command and cuts off flanking enemies while leading her team through congested chokepoints.


Junker Queen’s ultimate is Rampage. Rampage inflicts devastating injuries on opponents and uses an anti-heal to prevent them from fully recovering. When combined with Adrenaline Rush, Junker Queen’s primary attack, Rampage, provides a significant health boost. She has the option of using Adrenaline Rush to heal herself significantly depending on how many wounds she inflicts.

The hero Junker Queen is a master of close combat. She doesn’t have a lot of tools at her disposal to deal with foes at a distance. Close quarters are your domain when playing as her, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself patrolling the hallways and corridors.

Overwatch 2: Junker Queen Playthrough Guide

As a close quarters fighter, Junker Queen is able to take a lot of damage, but she still relies on her allies. You’re under a lot of pressure to lead the charge because there is only one tank in the game per round in the sequel. Adrenaline Rush is a passive ability that can be used to heal yourself from damage. You should take advantage of your abilities that can cause bleeding.

At long range, the Jagged Blade (Active) is your primary weapon of choice. The knife Junker Queen affectionately refers to as “Gracie” can cause enemies to be drawn to your location. This can be used to close in on weaker foes.

Your Commanding Shout is best used during team battles and when your group is ready to push forward. In order to complete tasks, having more health and speed can be extremely beneficial.

When used up close, her Scattergun does a significant amount of damage to the enemy. In order to lure opponents from a distance, you can use Jagged Knife (Active). Your devastating Carnage ability will be unleashed on anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in close quarters with you.

You can also use your Rampage ultimate to get in close with your opponents. Do not hesitate to attack all of the opposing heroes when they are in the perfect position for attack. Don’t bother using it unless you have a clear view of everyone, but when you do, unleash it. Injured people cannot be healed. As long as your teammates are nearby, you can use Commanding Shout to change the tides and tell your team to be extremely aggressive.

Overwatch 2’s reduction of one player from each team means that each team can only have one tank at a time. Junker Queen is a hero that was made with perfect intentions to reflect this change.