Overwatch 2 Bronze 5 Bug : Solved

by Anchal Thakur

Overwatch 2 Bronze 5 Bug: Blizzard has fixed the Bronze 5 bug in Overwatch 2 with the latest game update. This bug has been affecting player rankings since the game first came out.

Since this problem came up, there has been a lot of talk online about possible short-term fixes. Players have tried everything from collecting MMR (Match Making Ratings) to blaming the launch of DDoS attacks, but nothing has worked well.

Even though statistics are hidden from other players in Overwatch 2 to make the game safer, that’s not really the point.

Overwatch 2 Bronze 5 Bug : Solved

According to the official Overwatch 2 patch notes for update 3.38, the following problems have been fixed:

During the first week of Overwatch 2, a lot of players were ranked too low, so we are giving those players a boost as they continue to play games.

If a player was ranked too low, they might feel like they were stuck there. From now on, players should be able to move up in rank with their first rank update, assuming they should be higher based on how well they play.

After this patch, this problem won’t happen to players who haven’t ranked up yet.

From the above patch notes, it’s clear that players haven’t had any kind of ranking since the launch of Overwatch 2. This means that players can’t get the rewards that come with moving up in ranks.

On the other hand, there are a lot of gold guns in competitive play these days because rankings are way too good. It looks like this patch hasn’t fixed this problem yet, which probably means that this bug isn’t as common as the low-priority ones.

It looks like Blizzard is already working on these launch problems. Even though there have been a lot of beta tests and feedback from the community, it’s still not clear why important features like ranking are having such a rough start.