Overwatch 2 Australia Release Date & Time

by Ami Dalsania

Overwatch 2 Australia Release Date & Time: Overwatch 2’s release date and time in Australia and New Zealand are almost up, and it’s bad news for players in the US and UK that the usual Xbox trick for getting early access doesn’t work for OW2.

Long-awaited OW2 from Blizzard is very exciting for both old fans and new ones. It’s free to play for both old fans and new ones, but premium battle passes cost money, and when the story mode comes out in 2023, everyone will have to pay for it.

The game comes out in just a few days, and everyone will be able to play at the same time because it is a global launch.

Overwatch 2 Australia Release Date & Time

Overwatch 2 will be available in Australia on October 5 at 05:00 AEST/06:00 AEDT. In New Zealand, it will be available at 08:00 NZDT on the same day.

Overwatch 2 Australia Release Date & Time

Blizzard’s “Prepare for Launch” blog post says that OW2 will launch on October 4 at 12:00 PDT, which is the same as the above date and time for Australia and New Zealand. It’s being released everywhere at the same time, not just at midnight in each region.

If you want to play on a console, you can preload the FPS sequel at 02:00 AEST/03:00 AEDT and 05:00 NZDT on October 5.

How to play Overwatch 2 early

You can’t play Overwatch 2 early because the Xbox New Zealand trick for early access doesn’t work for the US and UK.

It doesn’t work in any region because the game came out at the same time everywhere instead of at different times at local midnight. This isn’t a surprise, but it might make some people sad.

There is no way to play OW2 before it comes out, and keep in mind that it is launching in a format called “early access.” It’s called “early access” because it’s only the PvP part of the sequel. The story mode won’t come out until sometime in 2023.

The PvP part of the sequel doesn’t cost anything, but you can buy a Watchpoint Pack if you want.