Oommen Chandy Reason of Death?

by Ami Dalsania

Oommen Chandy Reason of Death? Today, we received some very sad news from the news channels. It is about the former Chief Minister of Kerala, Oommen Chandy.

We are deeply saddened by the news of his passing. We hope that his soul finds peace. Losing someone important, especially a leader like him, is not good news.

Oommen Chandy’s Health Journey

Oommen Chandy had been unwell for a long time. He was getting treatment in a place called Bengaluru. He also went to hospitals in Berlin and Thiruvananthapuram for treatment before that. Despite the efforts to make him feel better, he unfortunately could not recover.

Oommen Chandy’s Role as Chief Minister

Oommen Chandy served as the Chief Minister of Kerala two times. He held this important position from 2004 to 2006 and again from 2011 to 2016. During his time as Chief Minister, he worked hard to make the state a better place for its people.

A Long and Successful Political Career

Oommen Chandy had a political career that lasted for a very long time, almost five decades! In 2022, he became the longest-serving member of the Kerala Assembly. He represented a place called Puthupally. He started his political journey when he was only 27 years old and won elections to become a member of the state assembly in 1970. He continued to win in elections from Puthupally for 11 times in a row!

Oommen Chandy Reason of Death?

Oommen Chandy had been fighting a tough battle with cancer for a long time. Unfortunately, his health became more complicated because of this disease. It was these complications that led to his passing.

Condolences and Tributes

Many people are expressing their sadness about Oommen Chandy’s passing. The Indian Youth Congress, a group of young leaders, shared their thoughts. They said that Oommen Chandy was a champion of development, democracy, and fairness. He inspired many young leaders with his dedication and charm. They are praying for his soul and thinking of his family during this difficult time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Tribute

Even the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, expressed his sadness. He said that Oommen Chandy was a humble and dedicated leader. He spent his life working for the progress of Kerala and serving the people. Narendra Modi remembered the times when they met, especially when they were both Chief Ministers of their states and later when he moved to Delhi. He sends his thoughts to Oommen Chandy’s family and supporters during this sorrowful time.