omori flower puzzle: Complete guide

by Narendra

omori flower puzzle: Omori (styled as OMORI) is a role-playing video game set in the year 2020. It was made by the independent studio Omocat, which also released it.

In the story, the player takes control of a hikikomori boy named Sunny and his dream world alter ego, Omori. They go out into the real world and into a strange dream world to help them get over their fears and secrets.

How they interact with each other depends on the choices the player makes, which can lead to one of several endings. The turn-based battle system of the game has unusual status effects that depend on how the characters feel. The game has elements of psychological horror because it focuses on things like anxiety, depression, and trauma.

The way Omori is played is based on how traditional Japanese role-playing games are played. The player has control over Omori, Aubrey, Kel, Hero, and Hero’s party. Each has their own unique skills that they can use in battle and to get around the overworld.

omori flower puzzle

In OMORI, FLOWER PUZZLE is an important thing. Found in a TRASHYARD, right in the middle of all the trash. This item can also be gotten before starting the quest.

omori flower puzzle USAGE

You need the FLOWER PUZZLE to finish the DAISY’S DILEMMA quest.
If the player gives it to DAISY, the player will get a daisy in return.

How do I help Daisy with the flower puzzle?

In Otherworld, you can find her flower puzzle in the junkyard. It will look like a sparkle in one of the bins, so just pick it up by doing something when you see it.


Where is the flower puzzle in Omori?

The FLOWER PUZZLE is inside one of the trash cans on JUNKYARD MAP 3, right before you meet your first CONVEYOR-BOT. Take it, then go back to the FOREST PLAYGROUND to finish the quest.

Who is Daisy in Omori?

In OMORI, DAISY is a character and an NPC. She is one of the people who live in the FOREST PLAYGROUND. She seems to have a huge crush on NEB, who loves to solve puzzles.

How do you get OMORI flowers?

The old lady will give you her flower on the first day if you help her get her medicine. If you find her shears outside on the first day, Kim and Vance’s mom will give you a flower.

Who do I give the care package to in OMORI?

OMORI’s CARE PACKAGE is a very important item. It should be given to BROTHER MOLE, who can be found on the right side of SPROUT MOLE COLONY.

How long is OMORI?

OMORI is about 212 hours long if you just look at the main goals. If you want to see everything in a game, it will probably take you about 69 hours to finish it.