Ending of Incantation Movie On Netflix Explained

by Kirti Rajput

There are still a lot of people who are fans of the controversial subgenre, despite the fact that some horror fans find this approach to be absolutely repugnant.

Because classic works like “The Blair Witch Project” and “Rec” continue to cast a shadow over more recent works, there is arguably more pressure than ever before on filmmakers to present audiences with something wild and original.

Incantation is a Taiwanese horror film that was directed and co-written by Kevin Ko. Chang Che-wei served as the other half of the writer duo that contributed to the film. Fans are still looking for subversive found-footage titles that will scare them so badly that they are rendered unable to function normally.

Fans have developed an increased level of interest in the movie’s conclusion ever since it became available for streaming on Friday, July 8, 2022. Therefore, there has never been a better opportunity to find out how the Netflix show Incantation wraps up.

Before explaining Ominous Incantation

It is necessary to provide some essential background information regarding the conclusion of Incantation before moving on to the explanation of the ending.

The film is narrated by Ronan, who asks us to recall an insignia and recite an incantation – “Hou-ho-xiu-yi, si-sei-wu-ma” – in an effort to free her daughter Dodo from a curse. This is done in the hopes that the curse will be lifted. We are constantly reminded of the importance of continuing to support her in her fight against evil throughout the course of the story.

When we look back through the non-linear experience that the director provides, we find out that Ronan, her partner Dom, and his cousin Yuan performed a ritual in the Chen clan’s village six years ago.

Dom’s relatives were praying to Buddha-Mother when Ronan came in and encouraged her boyfriend and his cousin to submit their names to the deity. However, Dom’s relatives did not stop their prayers when Ronan entered the room. It is generally believed that Ronan will also have to do this when she gives birth to her daughter.

When they discover a girl in a forbidden tunnel, they believe she is being offered as a sacrifice. This makes the situation even more mysterious. Dom and Yuan enter, and then, after some time has passed, Yuan emerges laughing uncontrollably. Dom, on the other hand, winds up passing away. Many years later, Ronan decides to get some assistance for herself and places Dodo in the care of a foster family.

This brings us up to the present day, and Ronan and Dodo are now living together, despite the fact that their house is frequently the site of unexplained occurrences. Dodo becomes ill, and Ronan’s mental health once more starts to deteriorate around the same time.

When social workers arrived to remove Dodo from the home, her mother abducted her and took her with Ming, who was the manager of the foster care facility. They finally resort to extreme measures and ask a priest to exorcise the girl in an attempt to rid her of the evil spirit. As a result of breaking the rules and causing the deaths of the priest and his wife, Ronan is forced to flee with Dodo to a nearby hospital.

Ominous Incantation Ending easy explain

The helpful Ming begins to investigate the religious beliefs of the Chen clan and pays someone to restore the footage that documented the events that took place all those years ago. However, his destiny will be decided when he takes his own life; however, he will not do so before sending Ronan the footage.

It has at long last been disclosed. Dom and Yuan have arrived at the shrine dedicated to the Buddha-Mother. Dom became possessed while attempting to remove the veil that was concealing it, and he died in the same manner as Ming did, which was by repeatedly hitting his own head against objects.

Now, this is what I call an unreliable narrator… Ronan has finally admitted that she has been lying to us the whole time. Ming was informed by a priest that individuals who recite the incantation and offer their name to the Buddha-Mother will voluntarily take on the curse. However, there is some evidence that the incantation is successful in reducing the effects of the curse.

The power of the curse is reduced proportionately to the number of times it is recited. Even though there are more people afflicted by its effects, the severity of those effects actually decreases as more people are affected by the curse. The origin of such a convoluted calamity? The Buddha-face, Mother’s which is obscured by a veil because it is considered sacred.

Ronan is seen here traveling back through the tunnel, covered in runes, on her way to the altar that was hidden there. After asking us our names, the curtain is pulled back and we are presented with the Buddha-visage. Mother’s

The possession takes hold of Ronan, and just like the other victims before her, she kills herself by hitting her head on something, and then we are left alone with the unsettling reality of the situation.

Last scene of Ominous Incantation

There’s more to the movie.

Incantation ends with spooky footage of Dodo as a happy girl, leaving viewers with the scary idea that they have now become part of the curse, as Ronan hinted at earlier in the movie.

You’re a part of this if you’ve been watching.

It’s a creative way to end the movie, and people will laugh nervously about it as they look for something else to watch. The next movie you watch might be best if it’s funny.

Now, you can watch Incantation on Netflix.