Nick Carter’s tribute to Aaron after his sudden death

by Narendra

Aaron Carter’s brother Nick from the Backstreet Boys has spoken out about his sudden death at age 34 and paid tribute to him.

Aaron Carter, who was found dead at home yesterday (November 5), had a hard time getting along with his siblings.

The musician, who became famous when he was only nine years old, followed his older brother to Hollywood.

After becoming famous and dating other A-list stars like Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, Aaron Carter took a short break from his career and started rapping.

Authorities are looking into what killed Aaron Carter, and his family is making their way to the Lancaster, California, area after hearing the sad news.

Nick Carter’s tribute to Aaron after his sudden death

Nick Carter's tribute to Aaron after his sudden death

Nick Carter wrote on Instagram almost 24 hours after hearing about Aaron’s death that his “heart is broken.”

He wrote, “Today, my heart is broken.

“Even though my brother and I have had a hard time getting along, I have always loved him. I’ve always held on to the hope that he would one day decide to live a healthy life and get the help he so desperately needed.

“Sometimes, when we lose, we want to blame someone or something.

“But addiction and mental illness are really the bad guys here.

“No one will ever know how much I will miss my brother. I love you Chizz. Now is your chance to find peace that you could never find on Earth…. “Dear God, please look after my little brother.”