NHL 23 Online Versus Not Working : Solved

by Kirti Rajput

NHL 23 Online Versus Not Working : NHL 23 has been out for a few days, but many people are having trouble with bugs and connection issues instead of enjoying the game. The fact that NHL 23 Online VS is currently “completely broken,” as many players say, is a big problem.

When the face-off part starts, the game will crash, and you will be kicked out. We explain how to fix the “NHL 23 Online Versus Not Working” glitch in this article.

NHL 23 Online Versus Not Working

The most important part of any competitive game is the online multiplayer mode, where you can test your skills against other strong players. The same is true for sporting events like the NHL series.

NHL 23 Online Versus Not Working

So, it’s very frustrating when bugs make it so you can’t even play online against other people. NHL 23 came out with a lot of problems, but the most worrying one is a game-breaking bug that makes it impossible to play Online Versus.

Specifically, there is a bug that breaks the game during the faceoff part of a match, when the game glitches out and you get kicked out.

Is there something that can be done? Well, there is, but it’s not the best. The only way we know of to get around this problem right now is to play with a team where you didn’t change your lines or strategies.

When you or your opponent play with a team whose lines you’ve changed, and “especially if you dress a scratched player,” the bug appears.

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