NBA 2K24 You’re Restricted From Using Communication Features : Solved

by Ekta

NBA 2K24 You’re Restricted From Using Communication Features : NBA 2K24 is an exciting game that lets you connect with friends and players from all over the world.

But what happens when you encounter the frustrating “You’re Restricted From Using Communication Features” message, and your voice chat isn’t working as it should? Don’t worry; we’ve got a potential fix for you.

Playing NBA 2K24 is all about teamwork and communication. Whether you’re strategizing with your friends or simply chatting with other players, it’s an essential part of the experience. But sometimes, you might run into an issue where you can’t use communication features due to restrictions. We’ll guide you through a potential solution to get your voice chat back on track.

Issue Restricted From Using Communication Features

Before we dive into the solution, it’s important to know that this problem is likely caused by a bug, not necessarily because of parental restriction settings on your PlayStation or Xbox console. So, let’s explore how to fix it.

Step 1: Check for Parental Restrictions on Your Console

PlayStation Users (PS4 and PS5):

  1. Press the PlayStation button on your controller to open the menu.
  2. Navigate to “Settings.”
  3. Under “Settings,” choose “Users and Accounts.”
  4. Now, select “Other.”
  5. Look for any accounts with children’s permissions signed in. If you find any, it’s time to log them out. Here’s how:
    • Choose the account.
    • Click on “Log Out.”

By following these steps, you’ll ensure that there are no restricted accounts signed in on your PlayStation console.

Step 2: Disable Console Sharing (Possible Solution)

Another potential solution to this issue involves disabling console sharing and offline play on your PlayStation or Xbox. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your console.
  2. Under “User and account,” select “Other.”
  3. Look for “Console Sharing and Offline Play” and choose it.
  4. Disable sharing and save your settings.

Once you do this, the console will log you out and then back in automatically.


With these steps, you might be able to resolve the issue of being restricted from using communication features in NBA 2K24. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this problem is likely a bug on the platform’s side, and you might need to wait for Sony or Xbox to release a fix.

In the meantime, try these solutions, and hopefully, you’ll be back to chatting and gaming with your friends in no time. Happy gaming!