NBA 2K24 Scan Your Face Not Working : Solved

by Ekta

NBA 2K24 Scan Your Face Not Working : Playing NBA 2K24 can be a lot of fun, especially when you can personalize your player with a face scan.

However, sometimes you might run into issues where the face scan doesn’t work or the head builder gets stuck at 50%. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some tips and solutions to tackle these problems.

NBA 2K24 Face Scan Not Working

Step 1: Get the Right App

First things first, make sure you have the latest companion app for NBA 2K24 installed on your mobile device. If you’re using iOS, get it from the App Store, and if you’re on Android, visit the Google Play Store. The NBA 2K23 app won’t do the trick; you need the one designed for the new game.

Step 2: Open the App and Log In

Now, open the app, log in, and look for the “Face Scan” option. It should be there, ready to help you scan your face.

Step 3: Proper Positioning and Lighting

For a successful scan, your face should be nicely positioned within the oval frame on your device’s screen. Make sure the lighting in your room is good, and avoid wearing glasses, a hat, or anything that might block your face.

Step 4: Experiment with Angles

Sometimes, the app might struggle with scanning your face. Try positioning yourself at different angles while the app works its magic. Also, ensure that your camera lens is clean and free of any smudges.

Step 5: Seek Assistance

If the app keeps encountering issues, it’s not a bad idea to ask someone for help. They can assist you with getting the right positioning and lighting for a successful scan.

Step 6: Contact 2K Support

If you’ve followed all these steps and the scan still refuses to cooperate, don’t give up just yet. Consider reaching out to 2K Support for further assistance. They might have some additional tips to get you back in the game with your scanned face.

Step 7: Uploading Your Scanned Face

Assuming you’ve managed to scan your face successfully, it’s time to upload it to NBA 2K24. In the game, look for the “Scan Your Face” option, and then search for “Head Scan Data.” Follow the on-screen instructions, and be patient during the scanning process. Turn your head slowly as the game captures your features.

NBA 2K24 Head Builder Stuck at 50%

Step 1: Restart the Process

If you find yourself stuck at the infamous 50% mark in the head builder, the first thing to try is starting over. Sometimes, simply restarting the entire head builder process can magically resolve the issue.

Step 2: Keep an Eye Out for Updates

Game developers are always working on improving their games. Keep an eye out for any patches or hotfixes released by the developers. These updates might contain fixes for the head builder bug you’re facing. Updates can make a big difference in your gaming experience.

Step 3: Share Your Solution

Sometimes, the gaming community comes up with unique solutions or workarounds. If you manage to find a way to bypass the 50% issue, consider sharing it in the comments or forums. Your solution might be just what another player needs to enjoy the game without any hiccups.


While dealing with NBA 2K24 face scan and head builder issues can be frustrating, remember that many players have encountered and overcome these challenges.

By following these steps and staying patient, you can increase your chances of successfully scanning your face and enjoying the game without any hang-ups. Don’t forget to explore online communities for additional support and share your own solutions if you discover any. Happy gaming!

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