NBA 2K24 Error Code 4B538E50 : Solved

by Ekta

NBA 2K24 Error Code 4B538E50 : The world of gaming is a thrilling one, filled with exciting challenges and epic victories. However, it’s not always smooth sailing, and sometimes, you encounter technical hiccups that can be quite frustrating.

One such hurdle in the world of NBA 2K24 is Error Code 4B538E50, a connection-related issue that can put a pause on your gaming fun. But worry not, because in this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to fix this error and get back to the virtual court.

NBA 2K24 is a beloved basketball video game that lets you step into the shoes of your favorite players and teams. However, to fully enjoy the game, you need a solid and uninterrupted connection to the game’s servers. Error Code 4B538E50 often crops up when your connection faces issues. Let’s dive into the solutions to get you back into the game.

Check NBA 2K24 Server Status

Before diving into troubleshooting your own connection, it’s a good idea to check the status of the NBA 2K24 servers. Sometimes, the error may not be on your end but could be due to server problems, overloading, or even DDoS attacks. If the servers are down, you may need to be patient and try again later when they’re back up and running.

Verify Your NBA 2K Account

Ensuring that your NBA 2K account is verified is a crucial step. When you first created your account, you should have received an email containing a verification code or link. Take a look in your email inbox, including the spam folder, to find this verification email. If you can’t locate it, head over to the website, log in with your account, and request another verification email. Please note that there’s a limit of five NBA 2K accounts that can be created on a single console.

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Check Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection plays a pivotal role in the quality of your online gaming experience. NBA 2K24, like many online games, demands a stable and speedy connection. Here’s how to ensure you have the best connection possible:

  • Stability: Ensure your connection is stable and doesn’t drop frequently. Try playing other online games to see if you encounter any network issues.
  • Use Ethernet: Whenever possible, opt for an Ethernet cable connection rather than Wi-Fi. Ethernet connections tend to be more reliable than Wi-Fi, which can be prone to interference and disruptions.

Restart Your Network Device

If you suspect that your router might be the culprit, you can perform a power cycle to resolve potential issues:

  1. Turn off your router.
  2. Unplug it from the electrical outlet.
  3. Leave it unplugged for 2 to 5 minutes.
  4. Plug it back in and turn it on.

If the problem persists, you can consider performing a factory reset of your router. This can help fix configuration errors and ensure that your router’s firmware is up to date. For specific instructions on performing a factory reset, get in touch with your internet service provider or router manufacturer.

Whitelist NBA 2K24 in Antivirus and Firewall Apps

Sometimes, your antivirus and firewall applications might view NBA 2K24 as a potential threat and block it from connecting to the game’s servers. To fix this, ensure that NBA 2K24 is whitelisted or allowed in your security software. This will prevent any interference when the game attempts to establish a connection.

Release and Renew Your IP & Flush Your DNS

For those willing to dive deeper into network troubleshooting, you can try these advanced steps:

  1. Press the Windows key and type “CMD” to open Command Prompt.
  2. Right-click Command Prompt and select “Run as administrator.”
  3. Type the following commands one by one, pressing Enter after each:
    • ipconfig /release
    • ipconfig /renew
    • ipconfig /flushdns
  4. Close the Command Prompt and attempt to connect to NBA 2K24 again.
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These commands can help release and renew your IP address and flush your DNS, potentially resolving any lingering connection issues.


And there you have it! With these steps, you can tackle NBA 2K24 Error Code 4B538E50 and ensure a smoother gaming experience. However, it’s important to remember that sometimes, the issue might not be on your end, but rather a server problem on the game’s side.

In such cases, patience is your best friend. If, despite your best efforts, the error persists, don’t hesitate to reach out to NBA 2K24 support for further assistance. Happy gaming!