NBA 2K24 Brickley’s Gym is Closed Issue : Solved

by Kirti Rajput

NBA 2K24 Brickley’s Gym is Closed: If you’re an avid NBA 2K24 player, you might have encountered the perplexing issue of Brickley’s Gym closure. This mysterious problem has left players puzzled and searching for answers. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of the Brickley’s Gym closure issue and explore when this iconic virtual gym opens its doors for players.

Brickley’s Gym has been a staple in the NBA 2K series, offering players a chance to improve their skills and enjoy various basketball activities. However, in NBA 2K24, a sudden and unexplained closure of the gym has disrupted the gaming experience for many.

Why is Brickley’s Gym closed?

One of the burning questions on the minds of players is, “Why is Brickley’s Gym closed?” Unfortunately, there’s no official statement from 2K Games explaining the exact cause. This lack of communication has given rise to numerous theories and speculations within the gaming community.

Some players believe that the closure might be intentional, with a weekly limit on activities. For example, if you’ve already played a thrilling 3v3 match at Brickley’s Gym, you might find yourself locked out until the next week. While this theory is popular, its authenticity remains uncertain.

Another theory suggests that a bug within the game’s coding is responsible for the closure. Bugs are not uncommon in video games, and they can sometimes lead to unexpected issues like this. However, without concrete evidence, this theory remains speculative.

NBA 2K24 Brickley’s Gym is Closed Solutions

The closure of Brickley’s Gym has left players searching for ways to regain access and enjoy the gym’s activities. Some players have reported potential workarounds, but their reliability is a subject of debate.

The LB and RB Mash-Up

One workaround that has circulated among players involves rapidly mashing the LB and RB buttons in the hope of triggering the gym’s reopening. While some players claim success with this method, others remain skeptical, considering it to be mere coincidence.

Understanding the Gym’s Schedule

Adding to the mystery, Brickley’s Gym seems to follow a schedule for different activities. 3v3 games are accessible from Monday to Thursday, while 5v5 matches become available on Friday through Sunday. The drills, however, appear to be accessible only once a week, leading to frustration among players.

When Does Brickley Gym Open?

Now, let’s address the burning question: When does Brickley Gym open in NBA 2K24?

As of now, there is no definitive answer. The gym’s closure remains unexplained, and players are left in the dark. While it’s expected that the gym should be accessible at all hours of the day to accommodate players from various time zones, the availability of specific activities follows the schedule mentioned earlier.


The closure of Brickley’s Gym in NBA 2K24 has become a conundrum for players. The lack of official communication from 2K Games has led to a surge in theories and workarounds. Players continue to search for solutions, but the enigma surrounding the gym’s closure persists.

As we await official information and a possible resolution from the developers, players are encouraged to stay updated on any news related to Brickley’s Gym and share any workarounds or insights they discover in the gaming community. Together, we can work towards solving this mystery and enjoying the full NBA 2K24 experience.