NBA 2K23 Palace Intrigue Not Working, Stuck

by Narendra

NBA 2K23 Palace Intrigue Not Working: Players who are trying to play the MyCareer story mode have been having trouble with a bug called “Palace Intrigue Not Progressing.” NBA 2K games almost always have problems when they come out, like the “Going National” bug or the “MyCareer no Salary” glitch.

And now, players can’t finish the “Palace Intrigue” quest because the “Go to the arena and play your next game” step is broken. We have some ideas for how to fix this problem, which is good news.

NBA 2K23 Palace Intrigue Not Working

Since NBA 2K23 came out, players have run into a lot of bugs. The one that stops them from moving forward on the “Palace Intrigue” quest seems to be the most frustrating.

Or, to be more specific, the final task: “Go to the arena and play your next game.” In particular, one step needs a teammate to get at least a B. But even if a teammate gets an A, the game will still say that the goal hasn’t been met, and the Palace Intrigue quest won’t move forward.

NBA 2K23 Palace Intrigue Not Working

Like many other bugs in NBA 2K23, this one doesn’t have a clear way to be fixed. One of the players who has had this problem, saltyFF305, has posted a solution to the problem on Reddit.

They said that they “played a couple of park games, turned off and on my Xbox, and then tried again, and it worked.” So, for now, the best thing you can do is play some games in the park and see if that helps.

Also, make sure your PC, PlayStation, or Xbox is turned off and on a few times. This should hopefully fix the problem with “Palace Intrigue Not Moving Forward.”

Head to the arena and play your next game not processing

The fact that it completely freezes NBA 2K23 is another problem with this bugged quest. When players try to do the “Go to the Arena and play your next game” task, the game freezes, making it impossible for them to play.

Unfortunately, this keeps them from moving on with the main MyCareer quest and keeps them stuck on the Palace Intrigue quest.

Online, other gamers have suggested a few ways to fix this bug, which you can try if you are also having it. A Reddit user named u/jacobs0922 says that the problem will be fixed when the Going National quest is done.

Another fan says that maybe changing the clothes would help. For now, these are the only two things you can do if NBA 2K23 freezes and you get stuck on the “Go to the Arena and Play Your Next” quest.