Natalie Mcnally Baby Father: News

by Ami Dalsania

Natalie Mcnally Baby Father: Natalie McNally was killed in Lurgan, and her parents are worried that her killer may have crossed the border into the Republic of Ireland or gone even further away.

Bernadette and Noel McNally talked about how sad they are and how they feel like they are living in a nightmare in an interview for the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk.

The 32-year-old woman, who was 15 weeks pregnant with a boy her family named Dean, was beaten, strangled, and stabbed on December 18 at her home in Silverwood Green.

Natalie Mcnally Baby Father

Mr. McNally told reporter Barry Whyte that it was hard for him to recognize his daughter’s body and that the person who killed her “gave her a horrible death.”

Bernadette, her mother, said that they didn’t know why anyone would want to hurt her and that the longer it goes without finding her killer, the more it feels like “living in limbo.”

“It seems like one day flows into the next, and it keeps getting harder,” she said. “… This person doesn’t fit in with other people. It’s just a nightmare that won’t end.”

Her father said he was afraid that the person who killed her would never be found and that he might have already left Northern Ireland.

Mr. McNally said directly to the killer, “I would say you have to turn yourself in.

“Give yourself up and tell this young girl why you did what you did. We’re sad because we don’t know why you’ve done this.

“We just beg you to turn yourself in to the police.

“Or, if a family member or friend knows who they are, they shouldn’t be loyal to this person. Someone who would do this to a little girl is a real monster.

“They’ve ruined so many lives, including mine, Bernadette’s, Natalie’s three brothers, and all of our friends and family.”

Mrs. McNally said that this year was going to be “the best ever” because Natalie’s baby was due in just a few months.

“We don’t have grandchildren, and everyone knows we love kids, so this was going to be a great year—the best year ever,” she said.

Natalie’s boyfriend, who was 32 years old and the father of her unborn child, was taken into custody by police who were looking into her death. He was later let go and is not a suspect.

Her family says that what happened has “devastated and traumatized” him.

Two other men, ages 32 and 46, were also taken into custody and then let go while more questions were asked.

Police have said that they think Natalie’s killer knew her, and they are still determined to find out who did it.

Crimestoppers, a charity, is offering a £20,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the people who did it.

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