Namaz Rakat Time Table 2022, Check Full List of Isha Namaz Rakat, Asr Namaz Rakat,Namaz Rakat Time Table

by Narendra

Namaz Rakat Time Table 2022: All Muslims have to make time to pray Namaz five times a day. Namaz Rakat Timetable 2022 will let you know when to offer Fajr namaz Rakat, Dhuhr namaz Rakat, Asr namaz Rakat, Maghrib namaz Rakat and Isha namaz Rakat. Here is the Namaz Rakat Timetable for 2022 for cities with a lot of people.

Mumbai04:40 am12:42 pm04:04 pm07:20 pm08:43 pm
Delhi03:51 am12:24 pm03:56 pm07:25 pm08:57 pm
Chennai04:26 am12:12 pm03:38 pm06:39 pm07:58 pm
Hyderabad04:23 am12:19 pm03:43 pm06:58 pm08:16 pm
Bangalore04:37 am12:23 pm03:49 pm06:54 pm08:08 pm
Ahmedabad04:30 am12:43 pm04:00 pm07:30 pm08:56 pm
Kolkata03:28 am11:40 am02:58 pm06:26 pm07:51 pm
Pune04:38 am12:38 pm04:00 pm07:19 pm08:37 pm
Jaipur04:04 am12:30 pm03:57 pm07:28 pm08:56 pm
Lucknow03:43 am12:09 pm03:36 pm07:06 pm08:35 pm
Kanpur03:47 am12:12 pm03:38 pm07:07 pm08:36 pm
Indore04:18 am12:30 pm03:47 pm07:19 pm08:42 pm
Patna03:31 am11:53 am03:16 pm06:46 pm08:14 pm
Ludhiana03:48 am12:30 pm04:07 pm07:37 pm09:12 pm
Chandigarh03:45 am12:26 pm04:03 pm07:33 pm09:07 pm
New Delhi03:51 am12:24 pm03:56 pm07:25 pm08:57 pm
Amritsar03:32 am11:47 am03:06 pm06:38 pm08:03 pm
Jodhpur04:17 am12:41 pm04:07 pm07:37 pm09:05 pm
Gurgaon03:53 am12:25 pm03:56 pm07:26 pm08:57 pm
Noida03:51 am12:24 pm03:55 pm07:25 pm08:56 pm
Kolhapur04:41 am12:36 pm04:00 pm07:13 pm08:31 pm
Ajmer04:10 am12:35 pm04:01 pm07:32 pm08:59 pm
Jammu03:43 am12:34 pm04:16 pm07:46 pm09:24 pm
Patiala03:48 am12:28 pm04:04 pm07:33 pm09:07 pm
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