My Policeman Soundtrack : Every Policeman Soundtracks

by Anchal Thakur

My Policeman Soundtrack: Music is a very important part of movies and TV shows because licensed songs and original scores can help give each scene or time period the right mood.

This is especially important for Prime Video’s newest movie, My Policeman, which takes place mostly in the 1950s and tries to capture the mood of the time.

But what songs are on the My Policeman soundtrack, and who wrote the music for the movie?

My Policeman Soundtracks

My Policeman Soundtracks Who Composed The Score?

My Policeman has a lot of songs that were licensed, but it also has a score that was written by British composer Steven Price.

The composer from Nottingham started making music for movies and TV shows in 2004. Some of his most famous works include Attack the Block, Fury, Suicide Squad (2016), Baby Driver, Last Night in Soho, and the David Attenborough shows A Life on Our Planet, The Hunt, and Our Planet.

Price also wrote the music for the 2013 movie Gravity, which earned him both an Oscar and a BAFTA for Best Original Score and Best Original Music, respectively.

Steven Price’s sad and string-heavy score for My Policeman is now available on music streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, and, of course, Amazon Music. This is timed with the movie’s release.