MW2 Double XP Tokens Missing : Solved

by Ami Dalsania

MW2 Double XP Tokens Missing: Recent changes were made to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Updates to games are usually a good thing, but sometimes they can bring in new bugs.

This has happened with this update, unfortunately, because it has caused a strange bug where Double XP Tokens are missing or you end up with more than you should.

If you’ve had this problem, you’re probably wondering, “Where are my Double XP Tokens in MW2?”

We’re going to find out why the Double XP Tokens Disappear Bug happens in MW2 and what you can do to fix it.

MW2 Double XP Tokens Missing

Now, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. No, problems like this happen all the time when a new update comes out.

We don’t know why this is happening, so we can only guess. It’s possible that this bug is happening right now because the double XP weekend is coming up soon.

And while many players have found that their Double XP Tokens have gone missing, others are getting extra Double XP Tokens out of the blue.

Even though missing tokens are much worse than having too many, it’s still the same bug. In particular, players seem to get extra Double XP Tokens when they force close the MW2 game app.

So, is there something you can do to fix this bug from your end?

Sadly, no. At the moment, the only thing you can do is call MW2 support for more help. We’re hoping that a hotfix for this Double XP Tokens Disappear Bug will be out soon.

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