Multiversus knockback influence tutorial reddit

by Narendra

Multiversus knockback influence tutorial: The Multiversus knockback tutorial is a problem that players have to deal with over and over again. When fighting Wonder Woman, one of the advanced tutorials about Knockback Influence glitches, making it impossible for players to finish it and trapping them until they quit.

Even though this glitch is pretty bad, you can still finish the Multiversus Knockback tutorial and get past the glitch by following the steps below.

Multiversus knockback influence tutorial

The MultiVersus knockback tutorial is glitched, which is why you might not be able to beat it. The glitch happens at the part of the tutorial where you have to play as Wonder Woman and are given these instructions:

Multiversus knockback influence tutorial

“Hold down and left to rotate your knockback and keep from getting rung out (0/2).”

When this happens, another Wonder Woman will hit you up into the air, and you’re supposed to control the knockback influence so you don’t get sent up and off the screen.

Influence gives players some control over where they go when they get knocked back. At the time of writing, though, it doesn’t work, so players are thrown out of the arena even if they press the right button. That’s… a pain.

Since MultiVersus came out, there have been some fixes floating around online. These fixes should work until the problem is fixed in a likely future update. Check the list below to see if the fix works on your platform:

How to beat the MultiVersus knockback tutorial on PS and PC

On PlayStation and Xbox consoles, we had to hold down and left as instructed, but we also had to hold down the PlayStation/Xbox button at the same time.

This took us to the main menu of the console. Don’t do anything else, just look at the dashboard. When you go back into MultiVersus a moment later, it (should have) been fixed and you should be able to keep going. If you do this twice, you should be fine.

PC: Press and hold the down key on your keyboard. Then, after getting hit, double-tap left while still holding down.

The timing is a little tricky, but if you enter it right, it should work. You should be able to do it after a few tries.

Enter it right on either console, and that will be the last part of the advanced Knockback Influence tutorial. This means you can put the whole thing behind you and move on to more fun things, like unlocking more MultiVersus characters.