Mozilla Firefox makes Total Cookie Protection the default setting for all users

by Anchal Thakur

Total Cookie Protection is Firefox’s most advanced privacy protection to date. It restricts cookies to the website on which they were initially created, preventing tracking companies from using these cookies to track your browsing activity as you move from website to website.

The company only recently began offering varying degrees of protection against tracking and no longer enables HTTP connections automatically. An additional project that the company’s developers are working on is referred to as Total Cookie Protection (TCP). The protective layer is designed to make cross-site tracking even more difficult, and now Firefox has announced that it will make TCP the default setting for all of its users on Windows and Macs.

What is Total Cookie Protection?

Total Cookie Protection will generate a distinct cookie jar for each and every website that you go to. Total Cookie Protection is a powerful anti-tracking solution that has no impact on how you browse.

To put it another way, any cookie that a website or third-party content embeds in your browser deposits is restricted to the cookie jar associated with that website. By preventing other websites from accessing the cookies of other websites, you can avoid intrusive advertising and limit the amount of information that companies can learn about your browsing habits.


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