Monster Hunter Rise Unique Mushrooms Locations

by Narendra

Monster Hunter Rise Unique Mushrooms Locations: In Monster Hunter Rise, the Fungal Frustrations quest requires you to find Unique Mushrooms. You have to find eight different kinds of mushrooms.

You can get them all in the first Monster Hunter Rise map, Shrine Ruins. Most of the time, quest goals are shown on the map as green circles.

Still, it can be hard to find them because you have to climb up different paths to get to them. You can get two different kinds of mushrooms from each mushroom node.

We’ll show you where in Monster Hunter Rise all the unique mushrooms are that you need for the Fungal Frustrations quest.

Monster Hunter Rise Unique Mushrooms Locations

Mushroom Colony nodes, which can be found in the Special Items section of the detailed game map, are where you can get Unique Mushrooms.

If you don’t have the green quest markers, you can use mushroom colony nodes to see where you need to go if you don’t have the green quest markers.

During this quest, each group of mushrooms will drop two different mushrooms. Most of them are in the middle of the map for Shrine Ruins.

You can get to the high ground by going from point 7 to point 8 on the map and taking the path on the left, as shown in the screenshot below.

Each node will give you 2 unique mushrooms so you can loot just 4 mushroom colonies. This will make it easier to finish Fungal Frustrations.

Don’t forget to use your Wiredash if you can’t get to the cliffs by jumping or walking. To wiredash, hold ZL and press X to move up or down, A to move forward, or ZR to move where you are aiming.

At first, you can have more than one side quest going on at the same time on the map of the Shrine Ruins. All of these quest goals are shown as green circles in the game, but you might not find unique mushrooms at the marked spot.

That’s why looking for mushroom colonies is the best way to find them. Even better, use the picture of the map we gave you above:).

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