Mo Mountain Mutts Tiktok Viral

by Narendra

Mo Mountain Mutts Tiktok Viral : No matter how bad your day is, nothing will make you feel better like the internet. You’re sure to smile after watching this now-famous TikTok video of Mo Mountain Mutts’ pet-friendly party bus.

People want to know more about the puppy transport service and how it came to be since the video was posted online. Find out what we know by reading on!

A cute video of a dog bus that went viral on the app TikTok is too cute not to share.
Brace yourselves, because you’re about to see the cutest thing you’ve seen all day. A dog-training couple named Lee and Mo Thompson posted a cute TikTok video early in January 2023.

Mo Mountain Mutts Tiktok Viral

As of this writing, the video has been watched nearly 50 million times. In it, Lee and Mo start their bus route for the day. Jake was the first dog to get on the dog bus. He ran up the steps of the bus with excitement before he found a seat and buckled in with the rest of his canine classmates.

People were surprised to see that the dog at the next stop on the Mo Mountain Mutts’ route was going to wait at the end of the driveway like a very good boy while the next pup, who was much younger than the others, was walked to the bus stop by his dad.

Where is Mo Mountain Mutts located?

“Everyone is so glad to see their friends get on the bus! “This makes me laugh,” said one TikToker.

Mo Mountain Mutts is likely to have a lot of business now that the dog bus is famous on the internet. But where does the business live?

The video shows a special bus for dogs who are students at Mo Mutts Mountain’s training school in Skagway, Alaska. The furry four-legged passengers are probably the best-behaved dogs you’ve ever seen.

We can’t blame them, since there was free liver on tap. TikTok from Mo Mutts Mountains says that the bus takes the dogs to places like the beach and the mountains. Mo Mutts also offers services like grooming and walking your dog.

The dog-walking business has gotten a lot of attention online since Mo Mountain Mutts went viral on TikTok. At the time this was written, they had more than a million followers just on TikTok.

Follow the dogs and all of their adventures on TikTok @Mo Mountain Mutts if you like the trainers!