Minho Chase Solo Album Release Date And Time

by Ami Dalsania

Minho Chase Solo Album Release Date And Time : Choi Minho, the best singer in SHINee, is about to put out his first solo album, called Chase.

Minho Chase Solo Album Release Date And Time

The K-pop star’s new project will come out digitally first, and then the official music video and physical album will come out. Check out Minho’s solo album’s air date, track list, and everything else here.

Minho is a multitalented K-pop star who has already had two big hits: Heartbreak (2021) and “I’m Home” (2019). Heartbreak did very well on charts around the world because of Minho’s angelic voice and the catchy R&B beat.

It was ranked ninth on the US World Digital Song Sales chart by Billboard.

Minho Chase Solo Album Release Date And Time

Minho’s Chase will be released digitally on December 6 at 6pm KST, 4am ET, 9am GMT, 1am PT, and 2.30pm IST.

Later on December 12, the physical album will be released all over the world. The official music video will also come out on the same day at 6pm KST/4am ET.

Minho Chase Solo Album

SM Entertainment has put out four different kinds of concept images that play with the theme of Chase, which is the name of Minho’s first solo album. These images are called Trace, Detect, Escape, and Discover.

Chase’s tracklist and concept images show that it will be an album that shows the singer’s personality and all the different sides of him.

In the teaser “Intro: Illusion of Reality,” Minho is seen searching for something late at night in an abandoned building where faceless mannequins are sitting at a table. Next, he is taken to the woods while still being hovered over by people in masks.

The “Chase” of Minho goes on, and fans will find out the last piece of the puzzle when the album comes out.

In a recent interview, Minho raved about the album. He said, “This was my first solo album, so I had to put in more effort because I wasn’t with my other members.”

You can stream Minho’s Chase here on December 6, and you can pre-order it at the SM Global Shop.

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