Mike Who Cheese Hairy Tiktok Meaning

by Ami Dalsania

Mike Who Cheese Hairy Tiktok Meaning : People on TikTok are confused by the “Mike who cheese hairy” prank and want to know what the joke, which has made people laugh out loud, is all about.

Mike Who Cheese Hairy Tiktok Meaning

On social media, jokes often spread quickly, and this one is no different. People tell their friends or family members to read the words “Mike who cheese hairy” and see if they fall for it.

But what does it mean in real life? Who is Mike, and what seems so funny about hairy cheese?

Mike Who Cheese Hairy Tiktok Meaning

When you say “Mike who cheese hairy” quickly, it sounds like you’re saying “my coochie’s hairy.”

“Coochie” is a slang word for a woman’s private parts, if you didn’t know.

So, it’s easy to figure out what the phrase means and why it’s so funny when people make someone say it out loud without knowing what it means.

Mike Who Cheese Hairy Tiktok Viral Video

The video is everywhere on TikTok, and one of the funniest videos has gotten almost 500,000 likes. In the video, the creator’s mom is asked to read out loud the phrase “Mike who cheese hairy,” which she does several times while getting more and more confused about why everyone in the room is laughing.

The mom keeps saying, “I don’t know what I’m saying,” because she doesn’t know why the situation is so funny.

Another prank video on TikTok has been watched more than 300,000 times and shows the same thing happening to a man and a woman. Again, they don’t know what they’re saying and just keep saying the phrase over and over while the person who pranked them can’t stop laughing.