Michael Toro Arrested : Latest News

by Ekta

Michael Toro Arrested : A recent incident at Westchester Square Academy involving Michael Toro, the school’s dean of students, has grabbed public attention.

It centers around an altercation between students, resulting in the injury of a 15-year-old. Toro stepped in to stop the scuffle, but the intervention resulted in severe consequences, causing concerns and questions about school safety and responsibility.

The Altercation and Consequences

The incident occurred when two students were involved in a dispute, and Toro intervened. Unfortunately, during the intervention, one of the students, Marley Harris, was injured.

The encounter led to Harris being taken to Jacobi Medical Center over concerns of a possible concussion. In interviews with PIX11 News, Harris claimed Toro forcefully pushed him to the ground and threatened further actions if necessary.

Despite this, Harris faced suspension, raising doubts about the school’s handling of the situation.

Michael Toro Arrested : Latest News

Michael Toro was arrested on October 27, 2023, and charged with misdemeanor assault. However, he was not detained in jail. Instead, Toro was released after receiving a desk appearance ticket, requiring him to appear in court in November. Consequently, Toro was reassigned away from the school and faces potential termination if convicted.

This incident has raised significant concerns about safety and accountability within the school system. It emphasizes the urgency of conducting thorough investigations to reveal the truth behind such unfortunate events.

As the legal process continues, the future of Michael Toro remains uncertain, and the implications for a dean charged with misdemeanor assault are being closely watched.

Making Sense of the Situation for Teens

An upsetting incident occurred at Westchester Square Academy involving a fight between students that resulted in one student, Marley Harris, getting hurt.

When the dean, Michael Toro, intervened, the situation escalated, causing worry about school safety and responsibility. Marley Harris ended up at the hospital with a possible concussion.

There are concerns about how the school managed the situation, especially as Marley faced suspension. Michael Toro was arrested but not kept in jail, and his future at the school depends on the legal proceedings.

Key Takeaways for Teens

  1. What Happened: Two students fought, leading to one being hurt when the dean stepped in.
  2. Consequences: Marley Harris ended up at the hospital, and there are doubts about how the school dealt with the situation.
  3. Legal Actions: Michael Toro faces charges and could be removed from the school depending on the court’s decision.


The incident at Westchester Square Academy involving Michael Toro has triggered discussions about safety and accountability in schools.

The need for thorough investigations and the legal process is essential to understand and address such occurrences. As the situation unfolds, everyone awaits the resolution and its implications for Toro and the broader school community.