Maya Lauqué Accident : Latest Update

by Ekta

Maya Lauqué Accident : Maya Lauqué, a well-known French journalist and television presenter, has recently captured the curiosity of her fans and followers. Renowned for her work in the realm of journalism, she has had an impressive career.

However, it was an unexpected accident that brought her into the spotlight recently. In this article, we’ll explore Maya Lauqué’s life and career, the unusual incident that led to her injury, and her journey through the world of journalism.

Early Life of Maya Lauqué

Maya Lauqué, a prominent French journalist and television presenter, was born on February 11, 1979, in Bayonne, France. This picturesque town in southwestern France served as the backdrop to the early chapters of her life.

Maya Lauqué’s journey in the world of journalism and television took flight when she began working as a presenter on I-Télé in 2007. She continued to shine in her role until 2013, where her charm and skills caught the attention of many.

Following her stint at I-Télé, Maya Lauqué co-hosted the show “La Quotidienne” on France 5, starting in September 2013. This show gave her a platform to reach a wider audience and further solidify her presence in the television world. However, in 2021, she left the show to explore new horizons.

Later in 2021, she found a new home as the weekend presenter on “Télématin” on France 2, marking another notable step in her career.

Maya Lauqué Accident : Latest Update

In September 2020, Maya Lauqué shared a curious and humorous update about her health on her Instagram account. In a post from the set of “La Quotidienne,” she revealed that she had sustained an injury. What was the cause? An unexpected and somewhat comical accident involving grapes.

Maya had slipped on grapes at a store, leading to a metacarpal fracture. While such an injury could have been quite unfortunate, Maya’s sense of humor shone through.

She jokingly referred to her diagnosis as “positive to plaster,” using a clever play on words that surely brought smiles to the faces of her followers.

Maya Lauqué, known for her work in journalism, has been quite private when it comes to her health and any prolonged illnesses. While her professional life often places her in the public eye, she has chosen to keep her personal health matters close to her heart.

Her occasional updates on social media give her followers a glimpse into her life but rarely delve into the specifics of her health. Instead, her posts are often lighthearted and spirited, bringing a touch of humor to her online presence.

Family Background in Public Service and the Arts

Maya Lauqué’s family history carries a rich tapestry of public service and the arts. Her father, Henri Lauqué, was involved in the Fêtes de Bayonne committee, serving as its presenter.

This connection to the cultural and festive traditions of Bayonne provided a backdrop for Maya’s upbringing.

Maya’s early years were marked by her passion for dance. She started taking dance classes at the prestigious Opéra de Paris and honed her skills at the Conservatoire de Paris.

Dance seemed like the path she might follow. Her early dance education was supplemented by her pursuit of a DEUG in modern literature.

Maya Lauqué Journey into Journalism

However, Maya Lauqué ultimately decided to chart a different course, venturing into the realm of journalism. She began her career, working for the regional newspaper Sud-Ouest.

Simultaneously, she contributed to dance-related magazines, combining her love for dance with her growing interest in journalism.

Maya pursued her academic journey with dedication. In 2000, she earned a bachelor’s degree from the French Press Institute, a well-regarded institution for aspiring journalists.

During her studies, she completed a three-month internship at Infosport+, gaining hands-on experience in the field.


Maya Lauqué’s life and career have been nothing short of intriguing. Her journey from a young girl passionate about dance to a celebrated journalist and television presenter demonstrates her versatility and determination.

While she often keeps her health matters private, her recent grape-induced injury gave her fans a humorous glimpse into her life. Maya’s journey reminds us that life can be full of surprises and transitions, and it’s her sense of humor and charm that continue to endear her to her audience.

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