Matt Hawryliw Cause of Death ?

by Rajitha Reddy

Matt Hawryliw Cause of Death ? On September 9, 2023, the world lost a remarkable individual, Coach Matt Hawryliw. At just 35 years old, Matt’s sudden passing has left his friends, family, and the entire community in mourning.

In this tribute, we honor the memory of Matt Hawryliw, a beloved American football coach and the owner of Local Funnel in Erie, Pennsylvania. His impact on the lives of those he touched went far beyond the football field.

Matt Hawryliw was more than just a football coach; he was a caring and dedicated mentor. His coaching philosophy transcended the game, reflecting his unwavering commitment to his team’s success both in football and in life.

Matt Hawryliw Style

Matt was known for his unparalleled knowledge of the game. His coaching style blended tactical brilliance with a deep understanding of his players’ strengths. This unique combination allowed him to craft game plans that maximized his team’s potential, leading them to victory on countless occasions.

Inspiring a Winning Spirit

But Matt’s impact went beyond Xs and Os. His leadership instilled values of teamwork, discipline, and a winning spirit in his players. His infectious passion for football was a constant source of motivation, driving his team to achieve greatness both on and off the field.

A Caring Nature

Yet, Matt’s true strength lay in his caring nature. He didn’t just coach; he cared deeply about the well-being of each player. Whether it was academic struggles, personal setbacks, or simply lending a compassionate ear, Matt was always there to offer guidance and support. He instilled values of respect, empathy, and perseverance, shaping not only better athletes but also better individuals.

Shaping Champions On and Off the Field

Matt’s coaching legacy extended far beyond the game itself. The individuals he mentored carried his teachings with them throughout their lives. He was instrumental in molding empowered, compassionate individuals who went on to achieve success in various fields. He proved that he was not just a football coach but a mentor who shaped champions in all aspects of life.

Matt Hawryliw Cause of Death ?

The exact circumstances surrounding Matt Hawryliw’s passing have not been publicly disclosed, adding to the sense of loss and mystery. However, what is undeniable is the impact he had on the lives of those fortunate enough to be part of his journey.

Paying Respects

For those who wish to pay their respects and honor Matt’s memory, his family will provide details of his obituary and funeral arrangements at a later date. It’s a time to remember the incredible person he was and the legacy he leaves behind.


As we reflect on the life and legacy of Coach Matt Hawryliw, we are reminded that some individuals have the power to touch our lives in profound ways. His dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to the success and well-being of his players will forever be etched in our hearts. Matt Hawryliw was not just a football coach; he was a mentor who shaped champions, and his legacy will continue to inspire us all.

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