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by Kirti Rajput

Maria Fernanda Garcia Alvarez Reddit: Missing people have been a problem in Mexico for a long time. Over the past ten years, tens of thousands of people have gone missing. Even though the Mexican government has tried to solve this problem, it is still a big problem that has drawn attention and criticism from around the world.

People are going missing in Mexico because of things like organized crime, drug trafficking, political violence, and a history of impunity and corruption among law enforcement officials.

As of 2020, the Mexican government said that more than 85,000 people were missing, but some estimates say that number could be much higher.

Many of these cases are linked to organized crime, and victims are often kidnapped or killed because of cartel violence or other criminal activity. In recent years, the problem of missing people in Mexico has gotten a lot of attention, and families and advocacy groups have asked the government to do something about it.

The Mexican government set up the National Search Commission in 2019 to coordinate efforts to find missing people and figure out who they were. The agency has been given the job of making a national list of people who are missing and coming up with rules for searching for and identifying bodies.

Maria Fernanda Garcia Alvarez Reddit

Even with all of these efforts, progress has been slow, and many families of missing people are still upset with how the government is handling the situation. In some cases, families have organized their own search teams and worked with non-governmental organizations to try to find their loved ones.

One of the biggest problems with finding missing people in Mexico is that there is a culture of impunity and corruption among the country’s police. Many families of people who have gone missing say that when they try to tell the police about it, they are met with indifference or even hostility.

Police and government officials have also been linked to the disappearance of people or to covering up crimes committed by others, like drug cartels, in a number of cases.

Another problem is that law enforcement and forensic teams, especially in more rural areas, don’t have enough tools and training. Many investigators don’t have the right skills or tools to find and identify human remains, and there aren’t many forensic labs in the country that can look at DNA samples or other evidence.

Missing people in Mexico are also a problem for human rights and the rule of law in general. When people go missing, it can have a big effect on their families and communities, causing trauma and uncertainty that lasts for a long time. It can also make people feel scared and unsafe in general, especially in places where organized crime is common.

The problem of missing people in Mexico is not something that can be fixed in a day. It will take a long-term, coordinated effort from the government, organizations in civil society, and the rest of the world. Some of the most important things to do are to improve law enforcement and forensics, make government agencies more responsive and accountable, and deal with the social and economic problems that lead to violence and insecurity in the country.

In recent years, the murder rate in Mexico has been very high because of violence caused by drug cartels. In 2021, there were about 44,000 murders in the country. Many of these are thought to be linked to drug trafficking and organized crime. But the number of murders is probably a lot higher than the numbers on record because they don’t include people who have gone missing. As of 2023, it is thought that around 100,000 people in Mexico have just disappeared without a trace.

People’s bodies are often found in mass graves all over Mexico. But many of the bodies are never definitely identified, so people who are looking for missing family members never get the answers they so desperately want. Cartel activity has been blamed for most disappearances, just like it has been for a lot of emergencies in Mexico. In some cases, it’s gotten so bad that sad mothers in small towns have joined forces to look for their missing sons and daughters.

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