Main Harbor Control Key location in DMZ : Solved

by Ami Dalsania

Main Harbor Control Key location in DMZ: You get the opportunity to hunt down Weapons Cases, take out enemy squads, solve the mystery of Building 21, and do a lot more in the first season of DMZ.

The road to the season 2 update will take players to new locations, through a reset and refresh, as well as to a new faction.

The shores of the brand-new Exclusion Zone known as Ashika Island will be the first place that players attack before making their way inland.

Heavy fog has helped to obscure the location of the occupying force, Shadow Company, and the operators.

In the first season, Building 21 requires both a keycard and a specific window of time to enter.

The second season will see the return of the Operators to Building 21, and if you are in need of access cards, you should search for them in the Al Mazrah of Ashika Island.

Additionally, developments concerning Al Mazrah along with updated intelligence are included in this update.

This walkthrough will teach you the location of the Main Harbor Control Key in Warzone 2 DMZ (season 2), as well as how to locate it and make use of it.

Main Harbor Control Key location in DMZ

The location of the Main Harbor Control Key in the DMZ of Warzone 2 can be found to the north of Port Ashika (H6).

Once you have arrived at your destination, proceed to the small building by ascending the staircase.

The following is a description of how to locate or arrive at the destination.

  1. Proceed to the area that is north of Port Ashika (H6).
  2. Proceed up the staircase, and then unlock the door to the small building at the top.
  3. Using the key for the Main Harbor Control will allow you to unlock the door.

The key can be obtained in a variety of ways, including at random from loot containers, the HVT contract, and enemy AI drops.