Maegan Hall Video Twitter Leaked

by Kirti Rajput

Maegan Hall Video Twitter: The perverted Tennessee police chief who was fired for his role in the Maegan Hall “cop gone wild” scandal shared explicit videos of the cop and made rude comments on a secret burner phone he called “Ole Boy,” can reveal.

Burrel “Chip” Davis, 47, yelled at Hall for “dipping her pen in company ink” and pretended to be surprised as he oversaw an internal investigation into her multiple flings with La Vergne Police Department coworkers on and off duty.

But court documents obtained by show that Davis already knew about Hall’s bed-swapping and even asked one of his sergeants to send him video of the 26-year-old rookie officer kissing.

Davis, who is married and has three kids, is also said to have complained that his “normal pimp st” attempts to sleep with Hall had failed while others had succeeded. He also reportedly told a friend that Hall had a “tight little a.”

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