m247 hmg halo: Everything you want to know

by Narendra

The M247 HMG is a mounted turret gun that is often found on the back of Warthogs and in some maps’ strategic defense positions. It does damage through movement, so it works best against enemies without armor, turning them into shredded pulled pork.

It always spawns on the bigger Big Team Battle maps, like Behemoth, Fragmentation, High Power, and Deadlock. Make sure you queue in the right playlists. If you aren’t familiar with these maps, we have a list of Halo Infinite maps that players can look over before jumping in.

It’s a pretty big gun that can easily tear through Spartans if you hit them all. Most of the time, you’ll have to keep it still or have a driver carry you around. However, you can take it off the mount and walk around with it, though you’ll move much slower than usual.

Players are having trouble with the Halo Infinite M247 HMG because they need to get a kill with it every week for a challenge. In the multiplayer mode of Halo: Infinite, the only way to level up your battle pass is to complete challenges that have to do with game modes, wins, and weapons. The M247 HMG is one of the weapons that comes back in the game. It has been in every game so far in the series. It can also only be found on a small number of large maps, so not every player will run into it. Read on if you want to know more about the Halo Infinite M247 HMG, like how it works and how to get a kill with it.

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Where is M247 HMG in Halo infinite?

  • High Power (Big Team Battle – on your team’s base, on Warthogs)
  • Fragmentation (Big Team Battle – near your team’s starting spawn point, on Warthogs)
  • Deadlock (Big Team Battle – near your team’s base, on Warthogs)
  • Behemoth (on Warthogs)
  • Launch Site (on Warthogs)

HOW TO GET A KILL with M247 HMG in Halo infinite

To finish the challenge for the M247 HMG, all you have to do is get one kill in matchmaking with it. If you can’t do it because you can’t move around or because you don’t have a friend who can drive you around, you can try doing the challenge in the Bot Bootcamp, which should make it easier. Some of the weekly challenges in Halo: Infinite aren’t working right now, but our guide can help you get around that.

How to use a M247 HMG in Halo Infinite

If you want to kill people with the M247 HMG in Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer mode, you’ll have to go to certain maps. The weapon only shows up a few times, so the best way to make sure you get a chance to use it is to make sure you’re waiting for the right playlist. You will also need to use this gun to finish a weekly challenge for your battle pass. Here’s what you need to know to find the M247 HMG in Halo Infinite.

The M247 is the gun on the back of the UNSC Warthog or the gun on the back of the turret on the larger maps. Most of the time, a Warthog will spawn on the bigger Big Team Battle maps, like Behemoth, Deadlock, Fragmentation, and Highpower. On the Halo Infinite playlist, these are some of the big maps you can find.

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What caliber is the SMG in Halo?

Even though the SMG’s 5x23mm (.197 caliber) rounds are smaller than those of most other SMGs, they could make it a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), which is a type of gun that has already been made in different ways.