Loving Adults Ending Explained

by Rajitha Reddy

Loving Adults Ending Explained: It was released on Friday, August 26, 2022, and was directed by Barbara Topse-Rothenborg. It tells the story of Christian (Darin Salim) and Leonora (Sonja Richter), a couple who have grown apart since their son got sick about 10 years ago.

Both have given up things, like Leonara giving up on her dream of becoming a violinist. But Christian’s successful construction business has made sure that their son’s health care needs are taken care of.

Loving Adults Ending Explained

Christian comes up with a plan to get rid of all his problems and tries to hit his wife with a company van. But when he gets home and finds his wife there, he realizes that he killed the wrong woman. His wife later finds out that her husband tried to kill her.

Loving Adults Ending Explained

She tells him she will tell the police on him if he kills again, this time his lover. A confession proves that she really did kill her boyfriend, but she wasn’t charged.

She tells Christian how to plan the murder based on what she knows.

As an alibi, they spend the night at a hotel, and he sneaks out to go to his lover’s house while Leonara uses voice recordings and other methods to make it look like Christian never left the room. But he can’t go through with it, and when he gets to her house, they hug.

This makes Leonara want to take matters into her own hands, so she stabs the woman who is cheating on her husband.

Loving Adults Ending Important part

Their son’s condition is getting better, and Christian is having an affair with one of his coworkers. When his wife calls, he is able to hide his phone from her, and he later meets her when she tells him to leave Leonara.

Christian tells Leonara he wants a divorce after she finds out about the affair. But she tries to get money from him because she was part of a fraud that made his business successful.

She tells him to stop seeing the other woman, but he refuses and tells his wife that he loves her. So, she kicks him out of the house, which makes him look into her past. When her past was looked into, it was found that she was accused of pushing her childhood sweetheart off a cliff.