Love In The Villa Soundtrack Every song of Love In The Villa

by Kirti Rajput

Love In The Villa Soundtrack: For a romantic comedy like Love in the Villa, which just came out on Netflix, this is very important because the movie wants us to feel sorry for its star-crossed main characters.

Love In The Villa Soundtrack

Love in the Villa is full of music because of this, but which songs are on the film’s soundtrack?

Love In The Villa Soundtrack

Love In The Villa Release Date And Plot Preview

On Thursday, September 1, 2022, Love in the Villa made its way to Netflix.

The movie is about Julie Hutton, a young woman who goes to the romantic city of Verona after a heartbreaking breakup. Kat Graham and Tom Hopper play Julie Hutton.

But Julie’s plans to take some much-needed time for herself fall through when she learns that the villa she’s renting for her trip has already been booked by someone else.

Now, she has to spend her vacation in Italy with a British man who is both too cynical and too good-looking.

Who Composed The Score of Love In The Villa?

On top of the songs that were licensed for Love in the Villa, the film also has a bright and bubbly score by Ryan Shore.

Howard Shore, who is best known for scoring Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies, is the uncle of the Canadian musician.

Ryan started writing music for movies in the late 1990s, and the movie Vulgar from 2000 was the first full-length film on which he worked.

Since then, Ryan has written music for more than 75 movies and TV shows, including Love Guaranteed, Prime, and The Girl Next Door. He has also written music for several Scooby-Doo specials, Julie’s Greenroom, and the Star Wars shorts Forces of Destiny and Galaxy of Adventures.

On top of that, Shore was nominated for a Grammy Award and two Emmy Awards for his work on The Shrine, P.O.V., and Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls.

Ryan’s fun music for Love in the Villa has been put on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to go along with the release of the movie.