Lost Banana Dragonflight : Let’s Find Out

by Ami Dalsania

Lost Banana Dragonflight: If you like doing world quests and discovering in World of Warcraft, you may have noticed that The Dragon Isles have a lot of unique puzzles and treasures.

The Isles are really rich and full of life, and people who are willing to stick with a hard puzzle will be rewarded.

The Possessive Hornswog is a puzzle you will see when you go to The Dragon Isles for the first time. This NPC is standing in the way of a cave with a unique treasure, and you’ll need to solve a puzzle to get inside.

Lost Banana Dragonflight

You won’t have to go too far to find the three things that the book Observant Riddles: A Field Guide talks about. They are all in The Waking Shores. I got all of the items and put them together back at the Hornswog cave in less than 10 minutes.

The banana is the easiest thing to find. To do this, go to the Dragonscale Basecamp in the southern part of the zone and look for the Flight Master. An NPC named Doc Nanners will be nearby throwing bananas.

Lost Banana Dragonflight

Check out the open barrels and boxes behind where Doc Nanners is. There’s a banana in here called “Marmoni’s Prize.”

The Wild Preserve, which is south of The Waking Shores, is the next place to go. You can get a bar of soap here.

If you like to collect and level up Battle Pets, you may already be familiar with this area because there is a trainer nearby. Find Haniko, a Battle Pet trainer, and follow the path down the hill near her.

There’s a big barrel on wheels and a few stacks of boxes here. Look in the nearby open barrel, as shown above, to find the bar of soap you need to solve the puzzle.

The last place you’ll need to visit is the Life Vault Ruins, which are in the northeast corner of the zone. This is the hardest place to get an item because you have to know how to ride your Dragonriding mount well.

Fly to the tallest tower in the back of the dig site. Since the item you need is on the highest floor of the tower and can be hard to get to, I found it easiest to approach from above and then move down.

The item on top is a bone that has been kept in good shape. Get it, then go back to the Hornswog’s cave where the riddle book is.

When you get to the cave, you can put the three things you’ve found together to make a treat for the Hornswog. It has to be thrown at the Hornswog.

The Hornswog will then jump out of the way, letting you into the cave.

Inside, you can find the Roseate Hopper, a Battle Pet that is good enough for PVP Pet Battles. It’s one of the best Aquatic Battle Pets you can get from the Dragon Isles, along with Pilot and others.