Lost Ark Untrusted System File Easy Anti-Cheat Error : Solved

by Narendra

Lost Ark Untrusted System File Easy Anti-Cheat: Lost Ark hasn’t been the easiest game to play since it came out. Even though the game is mostly stable now, players still run into problems now and then.

The latest problem has to do with the file “physxupdateloader64.dl” and the message above. Read on to find out how to fix this problem that the EAC has found with Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Untrusted System File Easy Anti-Cheat Solutions

Several players began to have the following problem. When they started the game, the EAC screen would load, but then the game would just freeze and not run.

Even though Steam and Task Manager show that the game is running in the background, the usual Lost Ark splash art wouldn’t show up.

When this happens, the only way to fix it is to force-close LostArk.exe in the Task Manager. This will cause an Easy Anti-Cheat error that says, “Untrusted system file… physxupdateloader64.dll.” What causes this to happen, and what can you do to fix it?

Developers haven’t fixed the problem yet, but the community has come up with two ways to get around it that should work. First, make sure you have the latest drivers for your GPU installed. You can check your GPU software for the latest drivers, or you can download them.

Several players have said that the problem is no longer happening after they updated their GPU drivers. Also, just to be safe, restart your computer.

Still, this wasn’t enough for some players. If you’re still having this problem after updating the drivers, you should get rid of the file that’s causing it.

Easy Anti-Cheat says that the “Untrusted system file” is “physxupdateloader64.dll.” “C:Program Files (x86)NVIDIA Corporation\PhysX\Common” is where you can find this file. Find the file and delete it. Then run Lost Ark again to see if it works now. This should fix the problem, and you should be able to play the game normally after that.