Loot and Extract 4 Enemy Dog Tags DMZ Warzone 2

by Sourabh

Loot and Extract 4 Enemy Dog Tags DMZ Warzone 2: We’ll show you how to find and take 4 dog tags from the Warzone 2 DMZ so that you can finish the Bag ‘Em and Tag ‘Em mission.

First, we’ll show you how to do it right. But there is a sneaky way to complete this quest, and we’ll talk about it in the second half of this article.

Loot and Extract 4 Enemy Dog Tags DMZ Warzone 2

In the Bag ‘Em and Tag ‘Em mission in Warzone 2 DMZ, you have to kill four real players in order to get their stuff and dog tags. AI enemies don’t drop dog tags; only real people do.

So, the best way to do this is to go to the green phone that has the Hunt Squad contract. This will show you where an enemy squad is on the map. That should make a huge difference.

But when you get into the green circle, their icons will go away, so be extra careful from then on. Also, keep in mind that you have to loot the enemies you kill to get the dog tags.

They won’t just fall into your hands. And that’s pretty much the end of it. However you get the dog tags, be sure to exfil before getting killed. If not, they won’t be counted. Note that you don’t have to find all four in the same match. If you want to go one by one, that’s fine.

Well, that’s the “normal” way to get 4 enemy dog tags in the Bag ‘Em and Tag ‘Em mission in Warzone 2 DMZ. But there is a way to get around it.

We learned from Reddit that you can pick up dog tags from any dead person, even a member of your squad who was killed.

So, if you usually play with friends, you can ask them to sacrifice themselves to help you finish the quest quickly. No matter what we did, an enemy killed our friend, but when we tried to take his Dog Tag, it wasn’t in our inventory.

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