lois Griffin Dead At 43 Jokes Explained

by Ami Dalsania

lois Griffin Dead At 43 Jokes Explained: Celebrity death pranks are all over the internet, and the latest one is the “Lois Griffin is dead at 43” joke that has become very popular on TikTok and Twitter.

These jokes are nothing like celebrity death hoaxes that spread false information and make people angry. They’re just harmless tricks you play on people to see how they react.

Now, the “Lois Griffin is dead at 43” joke is all over social media.

lois Griffin Dead At 43 Jokes Explained

If you’ve been on Twitter since yesterday, you’ve probably seen tweets that say “Lois Griffin died at 43.”

Even on TikTok, some people posted videos of themselves telling their families that the Family Guy character had died as a joke.

Lois is one of the main characters on the popular Fox comedy show Family Guy. Lois is Peter Griffin’s wife on the show. She is voiced by actress and comedian Alex Borstein. She is also Meg, Chris, and Stewie Griffin’s mother.

TikTokers play jokes on their family by telling them that Lois Griffin is dead at 43, and then they record their reactions. When arabellaalexis0 said that on TikTok, no one in her family knew who Lois was. The TikToker doubles down on the joke by saying, “I just saw her on TV last week.”

Family members who didn’t know who Lois was looked her up right away, only to ask in confusion, “the character?”

Another TikToker, scoopsahoy666, tried to play this joke on a family member, but they didn’t fall for it. Instead, when they smelled his fart, they said, “That stinks!”

Is Voice Actor Alex Borstein Is Alive or Dead?

Some confused people on the internet looked up Alex Bornstein, who voices Lois, to see if something bad had happened to him.

People who were worried about her after the prank went viral should know that Alex is still alive and doing well in 2022.

She uses Instagram all the time. Her most recent video on the platform is from Christmas Day, December 25. In it, she talks about her holiday cameos and thanks her fans.

Alex was also on the podcast Step Out of Line, which is made by a friend.

Recently, a joke on TikTok spread that Lady Gaga had died at age 37.

Someone played the joke on their grandmother, which shocked her. The joke was then shown to be just that. Fans laughed in the comments about how the woman reacted in the video.

TikTokers also played jokes on their families about celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Martha Stewart, Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, and more.

It goes without saying that none of these jokes are meant to hurt any of the famous people above.

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