Lobbies Not Filling Up in Warzone 2, Warzone 2 Stuck in Lobby

by Rajitha Reddy

Lobbies Not Filling Up in Warzone 2: Battle royale fans all over the world are happy that Warzone 2 is finally here. But it hasn’t arrived without its share of problems.

At launch, there were a lot of errors and bugs that made the game hard to play. Hopefully, these will be fixed over time. Many players can’t start their Warzone 2 games right now because there aren’t enough people in the lobby. Read on to find out what we know about this weird problem.

Lobbies Not Filling Up in Warzone 2

Lobbies Not Filling Up in Warzone 2

If you get stuck in the Warzone 2 lobby and no match ever starts, you should know that many other players are having the same problem right now.

So, the good news is that none of this is about you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to fix the problem in the meantime. Even though there is no permanent fix for this, many players say that restarting the game and logging out and back in fixed the problem for them.

“I was having the same problem an hour ago. Reddit user Rettley916 says, “I had my whole squad on the dashboard, restarted the game, and it worked right away.”

From what people have said on Reddit and Discord, it seems that this problem mostly affects quads (squads of 4). So, you and your three other friends might not be able to play Warzone 2 tonight until this problem is fixed.

Players on Reddit who are having the same problem have said that turning on crossplay between PC, Xbox, and PS quads doesn’t seem to help.

When the first Warzone came out in March 2020, the lobby wasn’t full and games didn’t start. Back then, the problem was fixed quickly. We hope that the problem will soon be fixed in Warzone 2, too.