Lil Yachty Chose The Cover For Her Loss

by Narendra

Lil Yachty Chose The Cover For Her Loss: Even before Drake and 21 Savage’s joint album came out, fans were interested in the cover art for Her Loss, which was chosen by Lil Yachty.

Yachty chose Qui Yasuka to be on the cover of Her Loss, and he also has a number of production credits on Drizzy’s new album with 21 Savage.

Drake went on Instagram to thank his friend and fellow rapper for how much he helped with his album.

Lil Yachty Chose The Cover For Her Loss

After Her Loss came out, Lil Yachty wrote on Instagram that he chose the cover and explained why.

The rapper gave a shout-out to Qui Yasuka and said that her picture was “so raw, so real, not made up.”

People are also interested in the face on the album cover. The model is also an adult dancer from Texas who goes by the name “Suki Baby” on social media.

She has her own OnlyFans account and is known for making really cool 3D art, which she often posts on her Twitter.

She was born in North Carolina, but she lived in Japan when she was young.

Paris Aden, who took the picture of Suki for the album, told Complex that it was taken three years ago.

“I think Drake saw the photo and asked if they could use it for the album. I killed that piece of crap a long time ago. He probably fell in love with what he saw in her profile picture,” he said.

Even though Travis Scott is the only big name on Her Loss, many other artists contributed to the album.

For example, Lil Yachty has four credits for making music. Here are the Her Loss songs on which he worked:

BackOutsideBoyz – Rio Leyva, Dez Wright, Taz Taylor, Lil Yachty

People talk about Drake’s Instagram stories

People talk about Drake’s Instagram stories almost as much as they talk about the album he made with 21 Savage.

In one of his stories from yesterday, he thanked Lil Yachty for his part in the album. He wrote, “Hey, @lilyacthy, where would I be without our friendship?” I love you, kid. Thank you for your time, your amazing talent, and your ability to improvise.”

After putting out his album, Drizzy shared some raunchy anime on Instagram, which surprised a lot of his fans.