Level Up Chest Missing, Locked in King Journey in Clash Royale

by Ami Dalsania

Level Up Chest Missing in clash royale: The latest update for Clash Royale has finally been released. It has the usual mix of bug fixes and new stuff, like the Monk and the Phoenix, which are two new cards. It has also led to some new problems, which is a shame.

One of these is that the level-up chest doesn’t seem to be in King’s Journey. So, what’s causing this “Level Up Chest Missing, Locked in King’s Journey” problem in Clash Royale, and is there anything you can do to fix it?

Level Up Chest Missing, Locked in King Journey in Clash Royale

It looks like this is a problem that players started having after the most recent update. It was planned that adding more King Levels would make it easier to find a match. “You will also get a nice Level Up Chest with each new King Level,” said the game’s creators.

This means that as you level up, you will get rewards more often. But instead of getting these promised chests, many players are finding that they are still locked and they are not getting them. There must be some kind of bug to blame for this.

But is there something you can do to make this better? It doesn’t look like it, though. Since both the bug and the update that caused it are so new (they both came out just a few hours ago), there is still no way to fix this.

But the developers are aware of this bug with the locked Level Up Chest and will probably fix it soon with a hotfix.