Leonardo Dicaprio And Camila Morrone’s Age Gap

by Ami Dalsania

Leonardo Dicaprio And Camila Morrone’s Age Gap : After more than four years together, Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone are said to have broken up.

A person close to the couple told PEOPLE that they are no longer together, but they didn’t say why.

Someone in the know also told E! News that the two have broken up. HITC has asked Leonardo what he thinks about it.

Camila is an American model and actress who has appeared in the 2018 movies Death Wish, Never Going Back, and Bukowski (2014).

When they started dating at the end of 2017, their big age difference caught people’s attention. Find out how old they are by reading on.

Leonardo Dicaprio And Camila Morrone’s Age Gap

Leo is 47 and Camila is 25 as of this writing. Leo was born in 1974, and Camila in 1997, so there is an age difference of 22 years between them.

Leonardo Dicaprio And Camila Morrone’s Age Gap

The actor was 42 and his future wife was only 20 when they first met in 2017.

The actor has been linked to a slew of young actresses, including Nina Agdal, Blake Lively, Toni Garn, and Kelly Rohrback.

Leonardo Dicaprio And Camila Morrone are dating ?

While Leo and Camila first met at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival in May, they didn’t start dating until about six months later.

They went on vacations, yacht rides, and shopping trips in December of 2017. They never came out and said they were dating, but it appears to have begun at this time.

The model rang in 2018 with Leo and his pals on New Year’s Eve and later that year went to Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday bash.

A source told PEOPLE they were “very in love and serious” and that they had been to Coachella and been seen on many vacations together in the same year.

The Titanic star “never loved a girl like this,” according to the insider, and he’s “ready to have kids.” They “talked about getting engaged,” the person said.

In December 2020, a source told E! that the couple was still together, “still going strong,” and “doing really well.” They also continued to attend events together.

“very cozy with Cami and they’re serious,” they said of Leo and Cami. To quote a friend: “He does really like his life with her, and they’re a lot more couple-y than they used to be.”

Around the same time in November of 2021, another source told E! News that the two were “closer than ever” and that “everything is great” between them.

In addition, “Leo has even been showing more affection to Cami when they’re out,” the insider said. It appears that they are completely at ease with one another.

Leonardo Dicaprio And Camila Morrone Love

Things between the two people who were in love seemed to end in July or August 2022.

They were last seen together on Independence Day on a beach in Malibu. However, the photos don’t show Leo and Camila together.

Photos from Just Jared show that the 47-year-old was talking with friends on the deck while Camila walked her dogs along the beach.