LEGO 75019 Star Wars AT-TE Battle Of Geonosis: News

by Narendra

LEGO 75019 Star Wars AT-TE: Today, the LEGO Group held an event in Denmark called LEGO CON 2022. Our live-blog coverage will talk about everything else that was shown at the showcase, but today is the first day of one of the most-anticipated sets of the year. The new LEGO Star Wars AT-TE, set number 75337, will be available this summer. It will come with a Phase II Commander Cody and other pieces.

The Perfect Star Wars Gift If your child enjoys Star Wars, the Lego Star Wars AT TE building kit is an excellent choice. This set includes a variety of items that will make your child’s building experience more exciting and enjoyable. There are five minifigures included, including a Battle Droid, Mace Windu, Battle Droid Commander, Coleman Trebor, and a clone commander.

Weapons in the Lego Star Wars play set include a blaster rifle, two lightsabers, and two blasters. Whether it’s the weekend or the summer vacation, your child will have hours of fun playing with this building kit. Helps Recreate Star Wars Battle Scenes Your child can easily recreate Star Wars battle scenes with this Lego Star Wars AT TE building kit.

This toy kit improves your child’s ability to concentrate while also promoting hand and eye coordination. This Lego Star Wars play set is suitable for boys over the age of nine and includes poseable legs, a lifting handle, a rotating projectile cannon, an opening cockpit, and other features.

Bring this Star Wars building kit home to inject some adventure and excitement into your child’s playtime. Lego is a brand. Battle Droid, Mace Windu, Battle Droid Commander, Coleman Trebor, a clone commander, and other accessories are included. Color: Various colors Recommended 9 to 14 years old Suitable for: Boys

LEGO AT-TE officially revealed

At LEGO CON 2022, the LEGO AT-TE was made public for the first time. When LEGO set 75337 comes out later this year, it will join the rest of the summer Star Wars sets. The kit’s reveal confirms some things we’ve known for a long time. First of all, the new set will be based on Revenge of the Sith. The box art shows that this is true. It also shows how to use the 1,082 pieces and the five minifigures that come with the set.

Before we talk about the main build, we need to talk about the minifigures. There are a total of five characters to look at. For many LEGO Star Wars fans, there is really only one that stands out. Builders have been asking for years to be able to make a brick-built Commander Cody with Phase II armor, and now they can. This figure will be one of the most sought after in recent years because it has a new orange visor, leg prints, and other markings.

LEGO STAR WARS 75019 AT-TE Battle Of Geonosis 

Does Lego Star Wars end in 2022?

The Lego Group said in 2022 that the Lego Star Wars theme would be around until 2032.

Is Lego Star Wars battles shutting down?

Lego Star Wars Battles, a real-time strategy game for mobile devices that was shut down in July, is coming back as an exclusive to Apple Arcade. In 2019, the game was released slowly in a few countries, and in 2021, its servers were shut down.

Is the 501st Battle Pack retiring?

Brick Fanatics has heard that the 285-piece battle pack, which was made after an online campaign for more LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion minifigures, will be taken off the market at the end of 2022.

Will there be a new AT-TE LEGO set?

The next LEGO AT-TE will have four 212th troopers and maybe even Command Cody. This year, we told you about nine LEGO Star Wars sets that will be coming out in the summer of 2022.

How many pieces does the Lego set 6211 have?

The LEGO® set “6211: Imperial Star Destroyer” has 1367 pieces, 9 minifigures, and a weight of 2.450 grams. This set takes 3–4 hours to build. Its dimensions are 65.2 cm wide, 38.4 cm tall, and 9.6 cm deep. It came out in 2006.

How many Lego Star Destroyers are there?

It was known to have over 25,000 Star Destroyers and over two billion personnel at its peak. Imperial Star Destroyers have always been popular among fans, both in the movies and as LEGO Star Wars sets. Since 1999, Star Destroyer sets have been scarce, but they have all become fan favorites.

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Digital building instructions for older sets

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