Last 15th Wish & Ahamkara Secrets Destiny 2 – WITCH ENDING

by Ekta

Last 15th Wish & Ahamkara Secrets Destiny 2 – WITCH ENDING: Destiny 2 has a knack for unveiling captivating secrets and intriguing storylines, and the Season of the Witch finale is no exception. In this guide, we’ll delve into the steps required to unlock a new opaque card, leading players to the enigmatic Imaru Engine.

Here, Savathun’s greatest trick awaits, along with new dialogue and an epic cutscene. If you’re an Destiny 2 enthusiast, get ready for a thrilling adventure.

Last 15th Wish & Ahamkara Secrets Destiny 2 – WITCH ENDING

The Season of the Witch has been an enthralling journey in Destiny 2, filled with twists and turns. The finale promises to be even more captivating, with hidden steps that lead to the enigmatic Imaru Engine. This engine holds the key to Savathun’s greatest secret and is the epicenter of the season’s storyline.

Enter the Altars of Summoning

To initiate the secret ending of this week’s activities, players must first venture into the Altars of Summoning. Here, they’ll embark on a quest to obtain the final opaque card that grants access to the Imaru Engine and its mysteries. The first step is to head to a specific location within the Altars of Summoning, where the card is perched atop a pillar, waiting to be discovered.

Decrypting the Opaque Card

Once the card is in your possession, the next step is to visit the HELM (H.E.L.M.) and decrypt the card at the Atheneum. To do this, players should have completed the activities from the previous weeks within the Imaru Engine. This is where the storyline unfolds, and the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Journey into the Imaru Engine

With the decrypted card in hand, players should proceed into the Imaru Engine and progress until they reach the Navigator puzzle. Just before encountering this puzzle, there is a portal to the left that allows players to attune their flame. These flames can be obtained through various activities throughout the season.

Obtaining the Flames

Players can acquire the flames they need in various activities, including Altars of Summoning, Savathun Spire, and the Imaru Engine’s chest room. Each flame collected brings them closer to unraveling the secrets within the Imaru Engine.

Placing the Flames

Once the flames have been collected, players should return to the Imaru Engine and place the three flames they’ve acquired. This action triggers a chain of events that opens a new room where the final puzzle awaits.

Solving the Final Puzzle

The final puzzle is somewhat cryptic, and Destiny 2 doesn’t provide a precise explanation. Players will need to activate specific symbols in a particular order to solve the puzzle. Video guides and the Destiny 2 community can provide valuable insights and guidance on cracking this enigmatic puzzle.

A Glimpse into the Future

Upon solving the final puzzle, a new room opens where Eris Morn and Aora engage in a discussion. They shed light on an Ahamkara egg from Riven that Savathun has hidden away, an egg believed to be destroyed during the Great Hunt. This revelation sets the stage for upcoming developments in the Destiny 2 storyline, sparking the curiosity of the Destiny 2 community.

The Power of Discovery

Destiny 2 is all about discovery, and the Season of the Witch has added another layer of intrigue to the game. Uncovering hidden secrets and piecing together the story is a testament to the game’s depth and the dedication of its players.


The Season of the Witch finale in Destiny 2 is a testament to the game’s ability to keep players engaged and eager for more. With secrets, puzzles, and intriguing storylines, the Destiny 2 community is in for a thrilling ride. So, decrypt that opaque card, solve the puzzles, and prepare to unravel the mysteries that await in the Imaru Engine.