Lainey Wilson Husband, Boyfriend & More

by Kirti Rajput

Who is Lainey Wilson’s boyfriend and husband? What does she do for a living? So, we are going to talk about Lainey Wilson in this article. Who is an American who sings, writes music, and writes songs?

Since she was a child, she wanted to be a singer. On the Yellowstone episode, Lainey Wilson and Ian Bohen also showed up. And people think that Wilson’s new boyfriend is Ian Bohen.

Lainey Wilson was born on May 29, 1992, and she grew up in the village of Baskin, Louisiana. Also, Lainey Wilson’s first role was as Abby, a country singer, in the Yellowstone series. As of 2022, Lainey is now 30 years old. She is still working on her singing career, and she is now in the fifth season of the hit show Yellowstone.

She was recently nominated for “new artist of the year” and “female vocalist of the year.” In 2022, she won two CMA Awards. Wilson’s new album, Bell Bottom Country, has been out for a while.

And in a recent episode of season 5 of Yellowstone, Wilson dances with Ryan, who is played by Ian Bohen. So, the way they work together has won over a million fans.

Lainey Wilson Husband, Boyfriend & More

Lainey Wilson is currently single and not going out with anyone. On Season 5 of Yellowstone, she played Abby, a free-spirited musician. So, Wilson plays Abby on the Yellowstone drama series. Season 5 of Yellowstone is now available to watch online, but only on Paramount Network.

Lainey Wilson, on the other hand, wrote a little song about her first appearance on Yellowstone season 5. And the Paramount Network show Yellowstone has used a number of Wilson’s songs, including “Watermelon Moonshine” from his Bell Bottom Album.

The husband of Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson moved to Nashville in 2011 to follow her dream. She had just finished high school. Wilson is now single and is focusing on her music career. But Lainey often says in her interviews that she liked music when she was young.

Also, on April 8, 2016, Wilson’s studio album Tougher came out on the label Lone Chief Records. The album has ten songs, and it is the second one that Lainey Wilson has put out. Wilson’s second major label studio album, Bell Bottom Country, came out on October 28, 2022. It had 14 songs, one of which was called “Watermelon Moonshine.”

Cole Swindell is seeing Lainey Wilson

Cole Swindell is an American who sings and writes country music. From Swindell’s album Stereotype, his new single Never Say Never, which features Lainey Wilson, has become his biggest hit to date. Cole Swindell and Lainey Wilson were up for two awards for this song, Never Say Never.

Yellowstone, Lainey Wilson’s Boyfriend on

Lainey’s first role was in the fifth season of Yellowstone on the Paramount network. The Yellowstone did play Lainey’s song, though. And the country music singer was in a lot of the shows. She plays Abby, and she fell in love with a cowboy named Ryan (Ian Bohen).

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